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Kristin Kreuk is an award-winning actress of Canadian heritage. She was born in Brampton, Ontario. Her first credit came in the sitcom “Life Goes On” as a guest star. After that show ended, she went on to star in many movies including “Election”, “Myra Brea”, “The Perfect Score” and “Cable Guy”. As of 2023, Kristin Kreuk is married to the film director Richard Lattman and the writer Glen Sinclair. Her ancestry includes French, German and English.

Kristin Kreuk is half-French and half Finnish. Both of her parents came from different ethnic origins, making Kristin a mix of Dutch, Chinese and German. You won’t see the actress on her father’s side nor on her mother s side as both of them come from Chinese and Dutch descent. They have three children.

When Kristin was young her family lived in Kamloops, BC. Her family was a very close knit one and they all loved each other, but as a child she kept her heart in Canada. Now as an adult she has decided to visit her family in Kamloops more often. On her days off she likes to go hiking, biking and boating with her friends. Her ancestry clearly comes through in her personality as she loves nature, animals, all things outdoors and anything artistic.

Kristin Kreuk’s father worked in the mining industry and his family had a good life, too. He was very supportive and helped take care of the family. He died when Kristin was just 18. Her mother raised the family alone and worked long hours at jobs she didn’t like.

Kristin Kreuk Quick Info
Height 5 ft 4 in
Weight 52 kg
Date of Birth December 30, 1982
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Boyfriend Mark Hildreth

Kristin Kreuk doesn’t plan to get married right away. She likes to enjoy her freedom and be independent. She plans to get married someday though and she is open-minded about that. It might happen in her lifetime and that would be wonderful.

Kristin Kreuk has been very kind and generous to those who have supported her throughout her life. Her bloodlines run strong though and she plans on keeping them strong for her children. Her courage has shown as she has battled cancer and beat it. Her heart has also been set on doing great things in the future.

Kristin Kreuk is an extremely confident and happy woman. People who know her feel that she is a very lucky person. She is a very open person and very positive. She doesn’t worry that someone else may have a better life than she does.

Kristin Kreuk has a daughter named Taylor who is just beginning to develop. She has always said that she will take care of her daughter and make sure that she grows up to be a bright, beautiful woman. If you want to find out more about this beautiful young woman and what she has planned for her future then visit her website today. You will be able to view her birth certificate and hear her speak about her bloodlines. You can also learn much more about her love of animals and her desire to become a great mother someday.

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