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Kym Ng is currently a popular Singaporean television host and talk show host. Kym started out as an entertainer at local nightclubs before landing her own talk show, Kym Ng Live. Kym has appeared in numerous movies and has been seen in quite a few Singapore tourism ads. Kym has achieved fame worldwide as a result of her wide variety of talents.

Kym Ng was born in Hong Kong. After her parents migrated to Singapore, Kym spent much of her early years in Hong Kong, primarily in Kowloon, before moving to Australia where she was arrested and charged with theft. Kym’s parents told the story of how Kym was arrested and how she used her newfound wealth to repay her crime. Kym then moved back to Hong Kong where she continued to live for the next seven years.

Kym Ng was then brought up in Australia and attended high school in the area. While at school, Kym Ng began studying acting, which she enjoyed immensely and this led to her becoming one of the first Asian American actors in television. Kym then went to drama school in Los Angeles, which was where she gained her first big break. Kym Ng was then called in a number of different roles in different television shows including M.A.S.H, All about Eve, Roseanne, The X-Files among many others.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Kym Ng
Occupation Actress
Age 53
Date of Birth July 1, 1967
Place of Birth Singapore
Star Sign Cancer
Country Singapore
Gender Female

Kym Ng has been married to her husband, Richard Ng, for the last thirty-two years. Richard Ng has also been described as being the main inspiration behind Kym Ng’s success as an actor and her immense success in various different fields. Kym Ng did not get the recognition that she deserves because of the many barriers that were thrown her way due to her age. This is due to the common notion that actresses are older than fifty-two years old and that they cannot be considered as successful as younger people when it comes to their success. Kym Ng was considering a “charming” fifty-two-year-old TV actress when she was only fifteen years old. Kym Ng has always maintained that she is happy with her current position as an actress although she would like to continue working once she attains her fifty-two years old age.

Kym Ng’s life was touched by tragedy in her childhood. She was one of five children who had her father beaten to death. Kym was forced to witness the murder and after her mother died, Kym Ng was left alone to live on her own. Kym began to work at a theater as an extra before she was hired bytalk show hostesses in Singapore and even gained some comedy acting awards for shows that she has hosted and appeared in. Kym has since gone on to star in many successful movies such as the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and X-Men: The Wolverine.

Kym Ng continues to work hard to prove that she is still capable of excelling in her acting career even when she is older. Recently, Kym Ng was featured as a contestant on American cooking show The Chew on a Singapore TV show that she was lucky enough to win. Kym Ng has also had the honor of playing the lead role in the very successful M Road show, which is based in Singapore and features a variety of different actors and actresses from all over the world including England’s Elizabeth Hurley. Kym Ng will be seen again this July in the Chinese movie The Mermaid, while she will be appearing in the Kung Fu Panda 3 for Disney.

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