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Kyra Sedgwick Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More

Kyra Sedgwick was born in Louisiana in 1957. She is one of six children of Jack and Lorraine Sedgwick. She grew up in New Orleans. When she was young, her father was a carpenter and her mother a homemaker. In fact, both of her parents were very much involved in her childhood. She attended St. John’s University (St. Louis) for two years studying communications.

Kyra Sedgwick Biography and Salary: Kyra Sedgwick presently is an award-winner for her role as motel clerk April Lopez in the series “The Sopranos”. She has also appeared in “Weeds”, “epsom”, “NCIS” and “The Shield”. She has a net salary of over $15 million per episode.

What is Kyra Sedgwick’s salary? Kyra Sedgwick’s salary as mentioned on her bio from her bio on IMDB is simply listed as “gross salary”. There is no specified amount of money that she makes in a single season of a television show. There is no clear or documented record of what she makes in any given season.

Who is this Kyra Sedgwick? Kyra Sedgwick was born in Los Angeles, California. She is listed in the public records as female, age 65, height 5′ 8″, weight 118 pounds, and eyes and hair color Hazel. Her real name is Kyra Rosemary Sedgwicks. It appears that Kyra Sedgwick does not have a common first name nor do her parents have any known first names.

According to her biography on IMDB, Kyra Sedgwick’s real father is deceased and was her stepfather. She spent a great deal of time with her mother after her father died. Her mother played an integral role in shaping Kyra’s personality. The biography goes on to say that Kyra has been studying acting since she was six years old. She went on to have a successful and extensive theatre career playing various characters throughout the world.

NameKyra Sedgwick
Real NameKyra Minturn Sedgwick Bacon, Kiko
Pet / Nick Name
NationalityUnited States
ProfessionTelevision Actress, Voice Artist, Television Producer
OriginUnited States

Age, Dob, Birthplace, zodiac, star sign

Kyra Sedgwick Age (Current)55 years, 9 month, 25 days
Date Of Birth (DOB)Thursday, August 19, 1965 (M/D/Y)Thursday, August 19, 1965 (M/D/Y)
BirthplaceNew York City, New York
Zodiac SignLeo
Star Sign (Nakshatra)

Death Details

Alive Or Dead
Date Of Death (DOD)— (M/D/Y)
After Death TimelineNot Applicable

When asked about her net worth, Kyra Sedgwick has only provided an exact dollar amount. She has not provided a breakdown of her financial situation or any kind of monetary data in regards to her net worth. There are several different websites online where you can view contracts and other paperwork relating to the contracts that she signed for her two children while she was earning forty million dollars a year. There is no doubt that Kyra Sedgwick does earn the amount of money that she does and she is currently living the kind of life that any average American would expect to live if they were making forty million dollars a year.

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