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Lara Cox Biography, Facts & Life Story

Lara Cox is an Australian actress. She has gone on to play different characters in television and film. In 2023 she appeared in the award winning movie “A Christmas Story”. Her other films include” Laravelove”, “Irene”, “Million Dollar Baby” and “The Perfect Score”.

Date of Birth :
Age : 40 years old
Family Name : Cox
Birth Place : Australia
Birth Sign : Aries
Height : 5 Feet 2 Inch 

Lara Cox is an Australian actress, dancer and singer. She is famous for her roles in films such as “Trainspotting”, “Million Dollar Baby”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “My Fair Lady” and “The Perfect Score”. She is also known for her large social media following and has millions of followers on various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Linkedln. Recently she has been married to her long time boyfriend, Joleon Lago.

Today Lara has released a biography on her own website, which is accompanied with pictures and background of the couple. Her bio begins with, “My name is Lara Cox and I’m an actress. Born and raised in ACT, Australia, I have always been surrounded by positive energy”.

As it turns out, Lara Cox is also an actress, dancer and singer. Her other credits include “Eternia” and “Swinging Doors”. The facts regarding her net worth are as follows: Her estimated net worth comes from the paid surveys that she participates in. She is also a member of the National Guild of Dance, and a lifetime member of the Actors Union. Her family, friends and extended family all believe that she is a very lucky woman to have been able to enjoy such a varied and large amount of accomplishments, all while maintaining a low profile in the public eye.

The two younger of Lara’s parents, Peter and Barbara Cox are both doctors. Her siblings are also doctors. Lara’s brother, Nicky is a banker. Her father, Bernard is an engineer. Her parents’ other three children are also in medicine – David, Jacob and John.

In regards to her being a member of the National Guild of Dance, this is incorrect. According to the website World Soccer, she is not a member and is not certified to dance. This is interesting information because it shows that Lara Cox is not a fan of the sports as her bio indicates. Despite this, her social media profiles indicate that she does frequently use tennis shoes, and she has posted pictures of herself wearing tennis shoes in the past.

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