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Laura Basuki Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Laura Basuki is single according to public records. The Indonesian Movie actress was born in Jakarta on January 9, 1987. Young Indonesian actress and model who has been best known for her role as Delia in the acclaimed 2010 film Tiga Hati, Dua Dunia and Satu Cinta that earned her the Best Lead Actress at the 2010 Indonesian Film Festival where she also received the Best Costume at the same occasion.

Laura Basuki’s name is linked closely to the film industry, as her father is an artist and her mother is an artist who has taught Laura at a school in Jakarta. Laura started out as an assistant to singer and actress Joy Yui Tanimbe who went on to fame as one of the Spice Girls. Laura then went to the small village of Kosair whereby she became the first ever Indonesian female opera singer.

Laura Basuki is now an actor and fashion designer who resides in New York City. She has established her own design boutique and has worked with top celebrities including Madonna, Kate Moss and Avril Lavigne. Laura Basuki has gained international fame as an actress and model after appearing in a number of Indonesian movies produced by SCTV and Televisura. Laura Basuki was featured in the films “Muah Indonesia” and “Sikun Puri”. She was also nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for her work in the film “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”.

Laura Basuki has been portrayed as an independent woman in her early life and even studied art in Germany. Laura Basuki was one of five actresses who were picked in the first round of the 2005 film world talent competition. After winning the first two awards, Laura Basuki was unable to get herself nominated for the next few awards which included “The Great Beauty” for which she was nominated again for the next four years. Laura Basuki has appeared in some Hollywood movies including “A Few Good Men”, “Dumb and Dumber” and “Cable Guy”.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Laura Basuki
Occupation Actress
Age 33
Date of Birth January 9, 1988
Place of Birth Berlin, Germany
Star Sign Capricorn
Country Germany
Gender Female

Laura Basuki’s early life ended in tragedy when her husband murdered her at their home in November 2005. The murder has been covered extensively in the Indonesian press and has also caused controversy in Bali where hundreds of sympathisers gather to mourn the death. The Jakarta Post reported that Laura Basuki had been pronounced dead by her husband while tending to his ill mother in an afternoon at their home in Seminyak.

Laura Basuki is the daughter of a prominent local business family in East Java. She grew up in Jakarta and studied photography at JKUAT which is now known as Bintang University. Laura began to focus on her acting career after graduating in 2000 from a film college in Indonesia which is associated with JKUAT. Laura has appeared in some Indonesian movies which include “Sukadama” and “Sati Nanggkron”, which was later made into a feature film by Mirrissa Roung. Laura was married to a Chinese man named Hau Man Ong before she moved to Los Angeles where she pursued a successful acting career. She was married again to a Chinese man named Chee Hoon before she returned to Indonesia to live with her daughter.


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