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Laura Harring Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Laura Harring is an Australian actress, stand up comedian and singer who was born in Australia. Laura has gone through a lot of personal difficulties in her early days and that led her to take-up stand up comedy to help her deal with the everyday life. Laura has appeared in a number of popular TV shows such as “Dad’s Army”, “Viewing Office Space”, “The New Girl” and “The Perfect Score”. Laura Harring Net Worth has been calculated at only $1 million to $5 million depending on the true net earnings. Laura’s films “Cocktail” and” Laura Lee” was not big box office hits, but they have a number of loyal fans who continue to watch Laura’s movies even when they are not released theatrically. Laura’s other films that have not been released on or off-screen include “Lucky Number Slevin” and “AfterLife”.

Laura Harring Wiki, an online Laura Harring encyclopedia, lists Laura Harring as a multi-millionaire. Laura has confirmed on her website that she lives in Australia. Laura has also mentioned working with director Michael Bay in the development of a film called “PLAN IT”. Laura’s most successful acting career is certainly in the arena of theatre where she has appeared in many well known and some lesser-known plays such as” Laura Palmer: Omen” inties play” Laura Palmer: Dark Star” and” Laura Harring: Play” She has also appeared in TV shows such as” Wonderland” and “Heroes” among many others.

Laura Harring Wiki gives this biographical information of Laura Harring: Born in Budapest, Laura Harring was named Laura Leiva in her birth city, Hungary. Laura grew up in Hong Kong and in Britain. Laura is currently married to British film actor Matt Smith. Laura’s most notable film roles include” Laura Palmer: Dark Star”,” Laura Harring: Play” inties play” Laura Palmer: Omen” and” Laura Harring: Play” inties.

Laura Harring Wiki gives this overview of Laura Harring’s early life: Laura was born in Budapest, Hungary where her parents were from. Laura attended public school and gained a mediocre grade point average. Laura worked in a clothing store for many years and was a secretary for a printing company. Laura did receive an art degree from a school in Budapest, which put her on the map as a potential star.

Laura Harring later went on to join the cast of “ER”. Laura played the character of Kelly Bishop, a nurse whose unusual appearance earned her the attention of Dr. David Strouse. Laura spent the next several months in the role of Strouse’s patient, while working diligently to earn money for the film. Laura has since worked on numerous other films, including “Water World” and “Windtalkers”. Laura Harring’s bio indicates that she is currently filming the sequel of “Windtalkers”.

Full Name Laura Elena, Countess von Bismarck-Schönhausen
Birthday March 3, 1964
Age in 2023 57 years old (in 2023)
Birth Place Los Mochis, Mexico
Nickname Laura
Famous For Miss USA (1985), Rita and Camilla Rhodes in Mulholland Drive
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Occupation Actress
Nationality American
Home Town Los Mochis, Mexico
Race/Ethnicity American

Laura Harring Wiki also lists her height at 6′ 2″. Laura Harring has portrayed several characters with interesting heights. Laura’s height is likely used by fans when speculating about her net worth and salary. Her height will likely not impact the current movie contracts as the use of height is considered to be too commonplace. Laura Harring’s Wikipedia page does not list her height, but she has often been mistaken for supermodel Pattaya Lee, due to her similar physical attributes.

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