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Li Lingyu Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Li Lingyu is a Chinese actress and singer. She is known for her roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as Crazy Heart and Mystic River as well as television series such as Hangover and Smallville. Li Lingyu was born in 1978 in Fujian province in China. Her parents, Li Gang (a street vendor) and Kong (an engineer), raised her in the Chinese tradition.

When Li Lingyu was young, her parents would send her to listen to traditional Chinese songs in order to get her accustomed to the sounds of the language. At age eight, Li Lingyu’s curiosity about the outside world spark an interest in Western music. At this point in her life, Li Lingyu studied ballet, drama, and music appreciation at the Beijing University of Arts. While at this prestigious institution, Li Lingyu developed a career as a classical singer. In the late sixties, she moved to Los Angeles and began performing at the famed Studebaker Music Festival.

Li Lingyu’s career spanned four decades; starting out in the early fifties, she appeared in numerous films and singer-songwriter albums. Li Lingyu was also a popular TV personality in the United States, hosting numerous television shows ranging from Dateline to Today. It was in the mid seventies that Li Lingyu became a popular fixture on CCTV, China’s answer to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Li Lingyu
Occupation Actor
Age 58
Date of Birth April 9, 1963
Place of Birth Shanghai, China
Star Sign Aries
Country China
Gender FeMale
Net Worth $1 million – $6 million
Annual Salary Under review
Source of Income Actor
Verification Status of Wealth Not verified

When Li Lingyu was featured on the television show Fame X, she gained a lot of attention. She gained popularity in both the Chinese and American cultures due to the way in which she presented herself. Li Lingyu showed off her stunning beauty by wearing clothing designed by Charles Le Galloure, and her skills as a singer and dancer earned her a record deal with Hong Kong DJ and producer Cheer Up!! The world sat up and took notice. Li Lingyu had an instant following and began to receive a large number of fans. Her performance on Fame X catapulted her to stardom status and she signed a deal with Disney to record a series of Chinese music videos for their catalogue of movies, which has been very successful.

Today, Li Lingyu can be seen on television and movies, making an immense name for herself in both the Chinese and American culture. Li Lingyu is well educated, with a master’s degree from the University of Beijing, but she is not just content with sitting back and taking all the credit. Li Lingyu wants to be a celebrity, and she is determined to achieve this goal. She has worked hard to achieve this aim, and following the success of her appearance on Fame X, she has now written several best selling books, including Chinese Dating Guide to Finding Love, and Chinese Supergirl: A Biography.

Li Lingyu was born in July of 1963, in the city of Shanghai, in the People’s Republic of China. At the age of fifteen, Li Lingyu was able to speak both Mandarin and English fluently. It has since become a well known fact that Li Lingyu is Chinese, as was her grandmother, and she was raised like a typical Chinese girl. Following the death of her parents, Li Lingyu moved to Hong Kong and there attended the University of Hong Kong. Whilst at the university, Li Lingyu gained a first degree, in Chinese, and from this degree, was able to fluently speak both English and Mandarin.


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