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Lil Trill, known to her friends as T.T., is a ten-year-old American girl who was brought up by her foster family in Lilian, Ohio. She attended the Lil Trill Facts website from the ages of seven to ten. At that young age she knew her name but no one else. Lil Trill has changed her name to Lil Trillia and goes by Lil Trillie on MySpace and Facebook. She currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her foster family.

Lil Trill trivia – How old is Lil Trill? Who introduced her to the azz entertainment agency? How did Lil Trill become so popular? Who has guest appearances on Lil Trill trivia and what are their relationship to Lil Trill?

Lil Trill trivia – Who is Lil Trill’s real biological mother? Who is Lil Trill’s real biological father? How did Lil Trill’s biological family arrange for Lil Trill to be adopted by T.T.? What are the other details of Lil Trill’s biological family?

Lil Trill Wiki, a Lil Trill facts website, states that Lil Trill was born in Lilian, Ohio, a small city located in southern Ohio. Her birth certificate is not known to exist but it is possible that her parents were either immigrants or they came over during the Immigration Period. Lil Trill lived in Lilian, Ohio for about two years before moving to her grandmother’s house in Cleveland, Ohio. Lil Trill’s biological mother is alive and she took care of Lil Trill and her younger sister Tiana in their youth. It is possible that Lil Trill’s biological father is either still alive or he never got in touch with Lil Trill.

Short Profile
First Name Lil
Last Name Trill
Profession Rapper
Age 24 years
Birth Sign Taurus
Birth Date May 18, 1994
Birth Place Baton Rouge, LA
City Baton Rouge
Country LA

Lil Trill trivia – Does Lil Trill have a real biological father? Lil Trill and her biological father are both listed as contributors to Lil Trill’s birth in Lil Trill’s bio on the Lil Trill Wiki. Lil Trill and Tiana are listed as being born on the same day in Lil Trill’s” Lil Trill And Tiana” song from the Lil Trill And Tiana EP (see attached song lyrics). Lil Trill is yet to provide any further details on the birth of Lil Trill and Tiana but she is yet to give any further details on the circumstances around Tiana’s birth.

Lil Trill’s Lil Trill And Tiana video are available for reference on the Lil Trill And Tiana Facebook page. The song was apparently inspired by a visit to the World’s Oldest Stage, the Saint Nicholas Church located in Provence, France. An image of Lil Trill dressed up as a hooded figure can be seen at the bottom of this post.

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