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Love Conquers All Day is the theme of the annual Love Is In The air Festival. It is an exciting day to celebrate love and gratitude to all those who appreciate love and think love is an amazing feeling that makes the whole world go around. On this special day, you can also celebrate it with your loved ones, friends, family members, pets, or anybody whom you love and esteem! Love Conquers All Day is the theme for the Love is In The Air festival. This is the first time that an annual love festival will be held in Vancouver.

Love is in the air all over the world as we celebrate June as the National Chocolate Holiday. The Love is In The Air festival is a grand celebration that will see the crowning of the “Best Chocolate Brands” and the awarding of “Best Chocolate Lovers” in the country. While it may seem that the chocolate industry is on its way out, this is not true. With the increase in popularity of local grocers like “The Old Mill”, there has been an increase in the production of different types of chocolates and snacks. These chocolates are not just candy but are a symbol of love. In fact, the Love Conquers All Day celebration is all about love.

The Love Conquers All Day celebrations is an exciting day where people from all ages, cultures, races, education levels and classes will converge to share in the joy of chocolate making, chocolate eating and chocolate decorating. There are also some other interesting events planned, including chocolate sculpting contests, chocolate roasting competitions, chocolate tattoo contests and chocolate carving competitions. Whoever said that love conquers all was a lie? This is the day when love is celebrated with a bang! The Love Conquers All Day celebration is not only a celebration, it is also an opportunity to meet new friends and make new ones.

Love Conquers All Day 2021 Wishes, Quotes

1). The only way to win hearts is by love…. You can convert enmity into friendship, frown into smile, bad into good with your love…. Let us celebrate the power of love on the occasion of Love Conquers All.

2). Love is blessed with the magical power to melt the toughest hearts…. Love is the drug which can revive a body and soul…. Love is the food for each one of us to actually live life to the fullest…. Sending lots of love on the most special day…. Love Conquers All!!!

3). Whenever you find yourself surrounded with negativity…. Spread love and you will get love in return… Only love can help you win each and every heart around you…. Celebrate Love Conquers All with your family and friends.

4). Days are happier, smiles are brighter when you have love in your life…. Let the love bloom in your life and let there be many more beautiful days…. Love Conquers All Day is a beautiful way to remind us of the power of love in our everyday lives.

5). On the occasion of Love Conquers All Day, there is just one promise I want to make to you that I will always love you more and more with every passing day….. Smile on your face and spark in your eyes will get deeper….. Love you my sweetheart.

6). When I look into your eyes, I see my world in them. When I hold your hand, I feel a promise has been made. When I kiss you, I miss on my heartbeat….. Such is the effect of your love. Love Conquers All Day is the day of celebration of our love!!!

7). Love Conquers All Day is the proof that real love has the power to win every heart and challenge…. I thank God for giving me the strength to win your heart and your love….. Thanks for being a part of my life!!!

8). I have promised you that I will stay in your forever. On Love Conquers All Day, I want you to make the same promise to me because I love you the most and will always love you the most.

9). Without you, my life is directionless. All feelings, emotions and goals of my life revolve around you because you are my world. Sending you lots of love and happiness on Love Conquers All Day.

Whoever said that love conquers all was a lie, is not very likely to be re-interpreting their quotes anytime soon. It is expected that the “Love Conquers All Day” event will be back on the calendar at some point in 2021. If you think that the Love Conquers All Day party is just a kid’s party, wait until you are served chocolate eagles, hot chocolate truffles and other goodies! The kids love these cute truffles!

On this very special day, children are introduced to people who they think they may become like. Sometimes they meet someone they have always wanted to meet, but they haven’t had the guts to ask. When children meet someone they think they might be able to grow old with, they feel happy and sometimes they set their own happiness free, sometimes they take you there by force, but there is nothing wrong with that, after all, love conquers everything. “When love conquers all” is an excellent motto to live by.

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