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Mahiya Mahi Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More

Mahiya Mahi is a famous Mahiya. She is known as the queen of Bengali cinema. Mahiya Mahi was an independent film goddess who enjoyed her success in the national film industry. She is ranked at number eight on the all time list of best actresses of National Geographic World’s 50 greatest celebrities. Mahiya Mahi Biography is yet another Mahiya who survived from the hard times.

Full name: Mahiya Mahi
Birth Date: October 27, 1993
Birthplace: Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Residence: Dhaka
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Occupation: Film Actress
Years active: 2012-Present
Boyfriend: Symon Sadik, Shahriar Islam Saon
Husband: Mahmud Pervez Opu
Religion: Islam

Mahiya Mahi was born to Saleh Kukri and Hina. Hina was a well-known Bengali actress and singer who went onto to be a renowned Bangladeshi actress as well. Mahiya Mahi was brought up as a girl called Sharmin Akhter, who was one of four siblings of Saleh Kukri. Mahiya Mahi was married to Alamgir Akhter, who was a prominent political figure and was a famous Bangladeshi writer and journalist.

Mahiya Mahi was an accomplished actress before she began a love affair with a man thirty years ago. They were married and had six children before Saleh Kukri died in a car crash. Mahiya Mahi had grown a considerable amount during that time. She became a successful actress while working on the popular television program “DDLC”. The popularity of Mahiya Mahi was such that when the show ended its first season, it was cancelled after one episode. A rumor spread that Mahiya Mahi was married to a Chinese bodyguard and was thus having Chinese babies.

A popular search on the Net lists Mahiya Mahi at a height of 5.1m. This would make her well over two feet high when she was pregnant with her first child. It is possible that this information comes from a popular internet site where a file called “Mahiya Mahi” can be found with her personal photo included in it.

There is an important context to this story and that is the Bangla Desh contract. This contract was drawn by the Bangla Desh contract committee during a meeting held in Alipore on the day Mahiya Mahi gave birth to the sixth child. At this meeting Saleh Kukri arranged for the entire team of Bangla Desh to meet at a hall in Alipore. It is understood that Saleh Kukri wanted all of his players to meet Mahiya Mahi and take a picture of her with each other. In this respect, we are led to believe that Mahiya Mahi was the only female player in the league of Bangladesh who was not present at this meeting.

The question that arises from all of this is how did Mahiya Mahi reach the heights of stardom in the first place? A cursory glance at her resume reveals that Mahiya Mahi has been a popular performer in the adult film industry in India and in various countries outside India. A cursory glance at her background also reveals that Mahiya Mahi has been trained as a dancer and singer. While the above information about Mahiya Mahi may help one understand how she reached the heights of stardom and the kind of career she might have had if she had not been associated with the star of Dieppe.

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