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Maisie de Krassel Net Worth, Biography, Bio, Age, Height, Relation, Nationality, Boyfriend(s)

Maisie de Krassel is an artist, writer and singer. Born in Belgium, she was supposedly the child of a pimp and a seamstress. She grew up in the United Kingdom and moved to her native Belgium when she was 16 years old. Maisie de Krassel has written for many popular websites including WebMD and has released several music singles and albums.

Maisie de Krassel was raised as a Catholic and her social media personality profile on the social media platform, Facebook, reflects this. She was married to Todd Phillips who was the bass player for The Killers and his wife Karen bore him six children. Maisie de Krassel’s mother is also deceased. Maisie de Krassel is listed in the Celebrity page of the Facebook profile under the name Maisie van Sloten.

Maisie de Krassel Facts reveals that Maisie is French and was born in Paris, France. She is described as being petite with pale skin and dark brown eyes. Maisie is about average in height for her age and weight, about 35 lbs. Maisie’s father, Todd Philips, worked as a boat engineer and his wife is listed as being about twenty years old. Maisie and her mother were raised in the United States.

In recent years Maisie has been modeling on various different websites including eHarmony, Backpages, and Redbook. When she was a teenager, Maisie was also an avid basketball player. As an adult Maisie has maintained a very thin figure. Maisie de Krassel’s current estimated net worth is between five and six million dollars. This information comes from a recent Business Week article.

Maisie de Krassel’s most recent update shows that she continues to live in France. Maisie is not currently dating anyone. She is described as being a loving pet dog owner. It is believed that Maisie’s net worth is in the six figure range due to her fame as a famous model dekrassel in recent years.

Maisie de Krassel was arrested in April of 2023 for driving under the influence of alcohol. She was charged along with her friend Melissa Atkins, who was also caught drinking while driving. Maisie is scheduled to appear in court on April 25, 2023. She is already famous in her country as a famous model. She is the mother of a young boy named Maxim.

Full Name Maisie de Krassel
Profession Model
Age In (2023) 13 years 3 months 23 days
Country Name United States
Nationality American
Last Update Jan 2023


She was born in France in 1970 and currently lives in England. She is described as a very loving pet dog mom and according to a recent interview at the Dog Park, she still enjoys taking walks with her son Maxim. Maisie de Krassel has a one million Euro net worth according to a recent estimate based on the 2023 album of The X-Factor.

If Maisie de Krassel has maintained her six million euro net worth throughout her adult life, she will not be in a hurry to let go of her valuable art collection. She is described as the ultimate French woman. Maxim de Grandvalira believes that Maisie has the personality of a Parisian chic yet possesses an irrepressible childlike quality. She has inspired millions of people worldwide with her beauty and grace. Maxim believes that Maisie has many more years of selling herself ahead of her as she plans to relax and enjoy the perks of her position as the face of one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, with the help of Maisie de Krassel.

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