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April 25 is World Malaria Day. Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease. When infected by Anopheles mosquitoes, the malaria parasite reaches the liver through red blood cells, where it matures and reproduces. The main theme of this year’s World Malaria Day is to defeat malaria. It highlights the progress that has been made in tackling the most ancient disease of humanity. This malaria is still a major health problem in about 100 countries around the world. The disease affects about 160 crore people in the world. Of these, Bangladesh and not outside. The disease mostly affects children. Today is World Malaria Day. The theme of this year’s Malaria Day is: I will eradicate malaria.

History of Malaria Day: The word malaria means polluted air. This disease is caused by the consumption of polluted air in ancient times. Francesco Torty was the first to use the term malaria. In 1897, the British doctor Sir Ronald Ross proved that the female Anopheles mosquito is a carrier of the disease. His discovery led to him being awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1902. Thus, Malaria Day was first celebrated on the African continent. It was celebrated in 2001.

When is World Malaria Day?

The day was then proposed in 2007 at the 60th session of the World Health Assembly. Since then, April 25 has been observed as World Malaria Day. Thus, this day is celebrated in Bangladesh as well as other countries around the world. Like every year, different types of programs will be taken up again. On the occasion of this Malaria Day, different types of programs are observed in different districts and Upazilas of the country.

25 April 2023 (Sunday)

World Malaria Day 2023 Theme

Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease. This disease is usually caused by the bite of the Anopheles mosquito. The initial symptoms of the disease are: Fever comes with shivering. It feels cold. Severe headache and accompanied by vomiting. I can’t sleep properly. Loss of appetite or loss of appetite. Then there is constipation. Excessive sweating, cramping, thirst, feeling tired or exhausted.

Feeling pain in muscles, lower abdomen. Then there is anemia due to the destruction of red blood cells with enlargement of the liver. The most complex form of malaria is malignant malaria. This disease can lead to the death of the patient in a severe stage. Each year, about 51.5 million people worldwide are infected with malaria. Also, about ten to three million people die prematurely. The disease is most prevalent in Africa. Most people on the African continent die of malaria. According to a 2011 report, one lakh 06 thousand 820 people have died due to malaria infection. Then, in 71 Upazilas of the northeastern border districts of Bangladesh, malaria has had a devastating effect.

The theme of World Malaria Day 2023 is “Reaching the zero malaria target.”

So, every human being has to be aware. Garbage cannot be stored there. Mosquitoes cannot breed to go, so they must be kept clean at all times. Then only this disease can be cured. Therefore, in order to be protected from this disease, every human race in the world needs to be aware. Above all, be clean at all times. And all kinds of measures should be taken to control mosquitoes.

Personal protective measures for mosquito control

Mosquito repellent creams, liquids, coils, mats, etc. should be taken. Then scanning the house with wire mesh. And the use of mosquito nets with pesticides. Then, cover the highest surface area of ​​the body with cloth. These measures can be taken to prevent mosquitoes. But the root of everything must be clean first. Measures that breed mosquitoes in homes should be eliminated. Water cannot be stored there. Because mosquitoes breed in frozen water. The area needs to be cleaned regularly. Then only this malaria can be saved.

Therefore, it can be said that World Malaria Day is celebrated on April 25 all over the world. The main goal of celebrating this day is to make every person in the world aware through various programs. Every human being must be aware of himself. Must be clean at all times. The causes of malaria should be ruled out.

A variety of programs on these topics are usually presented on this World Malaria Day. After all, everyone needs to be aware and take care of themselves. Then who can be saved from these deadly diseases?

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