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Maris Racal Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More

Maris is a true celebrity. She has built her own name in the modeling industry and has been nominated for multiple awards. However, Maris is not just a name on the lips of fans. She is also a real live person with her own real life. Maris Racal’s real name is Victoria Rhoden. She has not always been that way but has definitely come into her own.

Age: Maris is only 5′ 7″ but looks much older than her real age. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her zodiac sign, the Sagittarius, indicates that she was born in November. Maris Racal was born in 1970 in Hawaii and grew up in Southern California.

Current Age: Maris is officially only in her early twenties but she looks young compared to other models. Maris Racal was not the type of girl who would go out and drink beer all night hoping to get lucky. Instead she worked hard and got herself into the proper shape for modeling. As she got older, she decided to pursue a career in fashion. She was not the only model to change her career. A lot of other young girls chose to take their love of glamour to the next level and became top celebrities today.

Zodiac Sign: Maris is a Capricorn and as you might guess from her birth sign, she was born to represent strength, leadership and courage. This zodiac sign is also known as the ram, which means to turn right or left. If you were to place Maris Racal in a room with famous people born under this sign, she would look right out at you. Maris fits perfectly in the mold of what famous people are won’t to do. The combination of her beautiful Capricorn features, strong shoulders, long legs and brown hair all make her a stunning celebrity.

Do you have any idea what Maris Racal looks like? You can find out more about her by looking up her official website. The bio given on the site includes photographs, information about her life and her measurements and eye color.

Short Profile
First NameMaris
Last NameRacal
ProfessionReality Star
Age21 years old
Birth SignVirgo
Birth DateSeptember 22, 1997
Birth PlacePhilippines

Maris Racal has been in the public spotlight since the late seventies. In the mid eighties she appeared in a series of photographs that portrayed her as a fashionable Barbados girl. After that appearance the press loved to follow her around and profile her for any new magazine covers. Today, Maris remains an established model and has a number of modeling agencies working to keep her name in the forefront of the fashion world. So, if you want to know more about Maris Racal and how accurate her zodiac predictions are taking a look at her official website.

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