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Marta Dusseldorp is an Australian actress and singer. She has been nominated for four Golden Globes and has achieved fame and acclaim in Australia and worldwide. Her acting career includes appearances in movies such as Saturday Night Fever, Everybody Loves Raymond, Bruce Almighty, Good Morning, High School Musical and Chokey Woman. Marta Dusseldorp is known for her youthful face and body.

Marta Dusseldorp is of Dutch descent. Her parents are immigrants from Vanuatu, formerly known as Tonga. Marta’s ethnicity and original homeland are evident in her first and last name, which are both derived from her home country. Marta is originally from a small fishing village called Poppies Point, situated on Vanuatu’s east coast. Dusseldorf was raised by her parents alongside her two sisters and brother, who are both also well known in the entertainment industry. Marta’s acting career began when she was cast in a small film debuting in the Netherlands called Easy Love.

Dusseldorf’s acting career began to prosper when she was cast in the popular television series Mom. She went on to appear in seven additional episodes of the series, all of which were popularly successful. Later that year, she went on to star as one of the main characters in the feature-length film entitled South Pacific. After that film was released, Marta Dusseldorp made a series of films that would become some of her most acclaimed films throughout her acting career, including the movie version of Thelma and the Secrets of Sleeping Beauty.

Dusseldorp also appeared in a number of different television series throughout the seventies and eighties, including Mork and Mindy, but it is her role as Marta in South Pacific which is perhaps her best-known. Marta Dusseldorp’s career then blossomed, with several films including Love Actually and Nobody Knows I’m Married being released in the late sixties and early seventies. Her role as the cynical yet loving character of Marta in the television series resulted in her receiving numerous awards for her work throughout the seventies and eighties. Her love of art flourished into a passion for painting, and she became renowned for displaying some of her art throughout the decades.

Popular AsN/A
Age47 years old
Zodiac SignAquarius
Born1 February 1973
Birthday1 February

At the start of the next decade, Marta Dusseldorp’s acting career was once again at the forefront of the entertainment industry, with the start of television programme centered around her character, Winnie. The programme was hugely successful, and Marta was nominated for an OBE for her work in the first series. It was her performance as Winnie that really catapulted Marta Dusseldorp into the limelight, and it has been her ever-present smile and gentle facial expressions which have made people gravitate towards her, when they see her on television. If she continues to work hard and continues to make great television, then it is expected that the estimable net worth of Dusseldorf will continue to rise.

As a nation, Australia has a diverse population, with a mixture of different ethnicities, cultures and nationalities. Each of these nationalities, along with the other aspects of their lives, can greatly affect their appearance, and thus their value and ability to earn a good living. As an example, an Australian national who was born in America will most likely have a different appearance than one born in Sydney, as their facial features are radically different. The same can be said for a person born in Japan, as their skin colour would be quite different from one who was born in Brisbane. Marta Dusseldorp seems to have a fair balance of nationality, and perhaps this is why she has attained such high international success and has been nominated for an OBE.

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