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Matz Sels, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Matz Sels was born in Brussels, Belgium. He is a goalkeeper for Belgian first division side FC Kompany. Matz Sels played for the Canada soccer team during the 1998 World Cup. Matz Sels became a well known name in Europe when he signed with German giants 1860 Munich and played one season with the club.

Matz Sels first joined the German national team in 1990 and was a regular on the left side of the goalkeeper during qualification for Euro 90. He then left Germany following the completion of his contract and joined Belgian club Antwerp in the summer of 1994. Matz Sels enjoyed a great career at Antwerp, winning the league twice and the cup once. He left the club in 2023 and has since joined Argentinean side FC Ginazombazio in the Argentinean league.

Matz Sels is the highest paid player in the history of the ligue 1. He is also the holder of the most caps for a goalkeeper of the entire country. Matz Sels first started playing for the Belgian national team aged 18 years and he made two appearances. Matz Sels played in the quarter finals of the European qualifying tournament in Germany in 1991, helping his team to a remarkable 4-1 victory over Mexico. After that tournament, Matz Sels retired from international football.

In his role as goalkeeper Matz Sels continued to help his countrymen to qualify for the 1994 World Cup. Despite finishing fourth in the tournament, Belgium was eliminated in the semis. Matz Sels stayed with the national team and helped them win the qualification for the 1996 World Cup. Matz Sels made five appearances for the Netherlands in the World Cup, helping them to a third place finish. The Dutch eventually lost out in the tournament to Spain. Matz Sels has since retired from international football and continues to play goalkeeper in the Belgian league.

Firstname: Matz
Surname: Sels
Team: Strasbourg
National:  Belgium
Position: Goalkeeper
Height: 188cm
Weight: 75kg
Birth date: 1992-02-26 (29 years old)

A devout Catholic, Matz Sels was also an avid fan of the Vatican before joining Belgian team Brugge. As a player for Brugge, Matz Sels used to receive death threats. However, he always remained focused on helping his beloved city of Brugge to become a leading football club in the region. The great defender did not play for the Belgian national team after leaving international football and has only been contracted by the Belgian soccer club Flemish giants Nederlandering in the past.

This is an interesting Matz Sels biography and a detailed look at the fascinating career of this exciting goalkeeper. We can only hope that Matz Sels continues to enjoy a successful career in management in some capacity. Perhaps he might be able to continue the same passion that has brought him to the sport of soccer as well as the Catholic faith. Matz Sels trivia will continue to increase in years to come.


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