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Visit to check MBBS admission test for 2023 academic year will be held on 1st April 2023. The test will start at 10 am on that day and will end at 11 am. Multiple-choice examinations will be held on a total of 100 marks. It has been said that the examination will be held in 54 venues of 19 centers. The Department of Health said in a statement that every year, some corrupt individuals or group coaching centres demand large sums of money from meritorious students for 100% common suggestions or guarantees for admission to medical colleges ahead of the MBBS admission test. So the meritorious students have to keep an eye on it. A student can never fall into the trap of a cheater by mistake.

How to get medical admission test method and merit list: Each student will have to give a test of 100 marks. There will be a multiple-choice test of 100 numbers. And the value of each question will be 1. Many selection tests will be in one hour. The test will be a total of 100 questions from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and General Knowledge and History and Liberation War.

Then the written test will be deducted by 0.25 marks for each mistake. In the written test, every meritorious student has to get a minimum of 40 marks out of 100 marks. If the student gets less than 40 marks, he will be considered unsuccessful in the examination. After that, only the results along with the merit list of the successful candidates will be published.

MBBS Admission Result

Also, GPA obtained in SSC and HSC or equivalent examinations will be assessed as a total of 200 marks. Therefore, they are assessed through written examination. The minimum eligibility to apply for medical examination: Students who have passed SSC 2019-20 or HSC examination in Physics, Chemistry, Biology for 2017-18 will be eligible to apply. Not all students who have passed SSC or equivalent examination before 2017 will be eligible to apply. Thereafter all domestic and foreign students must have a minimum GPA of 9.00 in both SSC or equivalent and HSC or equivalent public examinations in educational activities. Only those students who have will get the opportunity to participate in the exam.

Then there are tribal and hill non-tribal students who have a minimum GPA of 8.00. They will be able to participate in the test. But only if you have to be above GPA 3.50 in each exam separately at the higher secondary and secondary level, you will get the opportunity to apply. After all, all students must have a minimum GPA of 3.50 on biology in the SSC and HSC or equivalent exams.

Distribution of Medical Admission Test: Medical will usually have a multiple-choice test of 100 marks. The test will then be completed within 1 hour. The subject numbers are Biology 30, Chemistry 25, Physics 20, English 15, General Knowledge Bangladesh History and Culture 6 International 4. This will be a multiple-choice test with a total of 100 marks.

Then the number of candidates who have passed the HSC examination of the previous year of MBBS / BDS admission test of 19-20 academic year is 15 times from SSC or equivalent GPA and 25 times of GPA obtained from HSC + 0.5 marks from the number obtained in admission test and the previous year’s medical admission student / In case of students, merit list will be made by deducting 07.5 marks from the total number.
Also for each wrong answer in the written test 0.25 marks will be deducted.

Then the following assessment will be done by determining the 200 marks obtained in SSC or HSC examination:
A. GPA obtained in SSC exam 15 times = 75 marks. (Maximum)
B. GPA obtained in HSC exam 25 times = 125 marks. (Maximum)
The merit list will be published on the basis of the sum of the marks obtained in the SSC / HSC examination in the mentioned manner.
Admission Dates:
Application start date: February 11 from 12 noon.
Application deadline: March 12 at 11:59 p.m.
Admission download date: March 20 to 25.
Admission test date: April 2 from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Class start date: Not yet published.
Exam application fee: Rs.
Thus, every meritorious student has to work hard to get a medical university chance. And if they have to have very good marks in public exams then the only chance is possible. And success is possible.


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