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Megan Bomgaars was born in Southern California. Her first name is actually Megan Bomgaars and her middle name is Barbara Kim. Megan Bomgaars has been an evergreen rising star who gained worldwide popularity in a relatively short span of time. Being of a blonde complexion, she is best known as an Asian American. She has been married to well-known director Russell Crowe, as well as TV’s Rachel Bilson and Matt Damon.

Here, I am going to share with you Megan Bomgaars facts and you may use them in your search for finding the person who would be your dream partner for life. Her birth date is October 10, 1970. She is the spitting image of Angelina Jolie, as she has a similar brown hair, eyes and tan skin. Her height is 158 cm, and her weight is 487 kg. As per the information given below, Megan Bomgaars height and weight increases or decreases over time.

Body Measurements – As per the Megan Bomgaars bio on the IMDB site, her body measurements are: bust measurement is 34 inches; waist measurement is 22 inches; hip measurement is 4.75; total height is about 5 feet 6 inches. As you can clearly see from the above body measurements, Megan Bomgaars has fantastic shape. Her weight is also quite normal considering her tall height and build. The combination of her brown hair, tan skin and dark eyes have made her one of the hot young stars today. However, even with these good features, people are still looking out for a celebrity who can make them look better!

The Facts – Megan Bomgaars looks quite sweet in her videos and photos. However, you cannot help but wonder how someone with such a short stature could look so gorgeous in real life! Well, you are not alone in thinking this. Megan Bomgaars’ fans and admirers go crazy over her personality and her looks.

The Truth – This is one question that people always wonder about Megan Bomgaars net worth. Well, the truth is that Megan Bomgaars actually received a contract to film a commercial in February 2023. The contract stipulated that Megan had to pay the salary of fifteen thousand dollars as the price of appearing in that commercial. It should be noted that the price of the contract was reduced after she impressed people by turning down lucrative offers in the recent months. Megan Bomgaars herself declared that she will not accept any lower than one million US dollars for her role as a lead actress in a movie.

Name Megan Bomgaars
Age (as of 2018) 24 years
Profession Reality Star
Birth Date 31-Mar-94
Birth Place Denver, CO
Nationality Denver

The Funniest Account – Megan Bomgaars was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her birthday is on the 4th of October, which makes her the same age as Lady Gaga. One interesting fact about Megan Bomgaars is that she was actually auditioned for the role of Coraline’s mother in the film adaptation. Read more about Megan Bomgaars net worth in the second installment of this article.


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