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Mia Bonde Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography

Mia Bonde is a model from the Philippines who has made a name for herself in the modeling industry. She has been working with the fashion houses of Asia for many years now. She is known for her great body structure and face structure, which have earned her the kind of recognition that any other model in the world can only dream of. Her most recent assignment was working as a cover girl for Maxim Magazine. She has managed to get herself featured in many international photo shoots and has managed to keep a steady position there ever since.

This article will be dealing more about Mia Bonde, her early life, and all the various achievements that she has attained in her field. We will examine her early body measurements, how she has managed to maintain her slim figure throughout the years, and finally her recent success in being a cover girl for Maxim. Let us begin by looking at her early life.

Mia Bonde was born in Manila and grew up in the La Union County in the Philippines. She was actually named Mia Estrada after her mother. It was very common for girls of this age in the Philippines to be called Mia Bonde, because they were actually named after their own family members. Mia’s middle name is Ercilia.

It was very common for girls of this age to undergo a lot of physical and emotional hardships in their early life, which is one of the major reasons why her height suddenly decreased when she was a teenager. We all know that physically extending one’s arms is very difficult, and one of the best ways to improve this is through regular exercise. So if you want to know more about Mia Bonde’s early life, and how she came to be such a gorgeous and accomplished woman today, you should definitely read this bio.

Full Name: Mia Bonde
First Name: Mia
Last Name: Bonde
Profession: Instagram Star
Date of Birth: 15-Nov-83
Place of Birth: Hawaii
Birth Country United States
Birth Sign: Scorpio
Gender: Female

Mia was enrolled in the Fashion Institute of School of Design and Merchandising in Manila, where she studied fashion design along with the subjects of interior design and marketing. While she was enrolled, she developed a strong interest in jewelry, which was evident in the way she wore them. The good thing about Mia Bonde is that she never let go of her passion, which is wearing clothes and accessories that make people look good. When asked about her shoe size, it was revealed that she was a size 34 years old and was just about to get married.

Mia Bonde is now happily married with a son, and while she still works hard to be a top fashion designer, she also takes care of her health and personal hygiene. All these facts are contained in the biography of Mia Bonde, and she is worthy of being called the best in the world at what she does. This is why she has been named as the recipient of the Invicta Award for Young Fashionista. You can be sure that this will be a bookend event for her, as she is about to become a brand ambassador for Invicta and also a member of the Invicta Team.

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