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Michelle Chong Net Worth 2023, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Family

Michelle Chong is an actress from Singapore who was born in 1965. At the age of fifteen, Michelle Chong became a singer for a band called M.C. The band went under when they changed their name to Michelle Chong. Since then, she went on to appear in some television shows, plays and commercials. She has also spent some time in the theater as an actress, with such roles as herself in the movie “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and as Coraline’s ghost in the film “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Michelle Chong is best known to us as the famous singer and actress who provided the theme song for the movie, The Pink Flamingo Hotel. At the age of fifteen, Michelle Chong started learning how to sing and began honing her skills at the local karate studio. In fact, Michelle was such a good singer that her teacher once gave her the task of singing a song for an entire choir during a rehearsal. This impressive feat earned Michelle Chong a place on the Miss Singapore American pageant in the year 1996.


Bio / Wiki
Full Name Michelle Chong
Occupation Host
Age 44
Date of Birth April 22, 1977
Place of Birth Singapore
Star Sign Taurus
Country Singapore
Gender Female

Michelle Chong is currently married to Richard Yeo, the guitarist of the band M.C. The band broke up in the late eighties. Recently, Michelle Chong has become a celebrity in her own right, with her own talk show on SBS Asian Television, and her being the face of a popular Chinese restaurant in Singapore. As well, she is currently the star of the movie version of the hit American musical, High School Musical. Although this film version of the high school musical is not as successful as the original, it did manage to achieve a rating of over a million dollars on YouTube, and it is clear that Michelle Chong is very popular in her home country of Singapore.

Michelle Chong’s Wikipedia page lists her as the “most famous lady in Asia” (nutritiously), but some are quick to point out that her Wikipedia page does not make clear whether she holds a Master’s degree or not. Michelle Chong is credited with having a Master’s Degree in Education, from the University of Michigan. However, it is unclear as to whether this was an actual Master’s Degree or merely an undergrad degree in education. Michelle Chong is also credited with having worked for the United States Department of State as a foreign service associate before starting a singing career. This brings to mind the possibility that Michelle Chong may be a dual educational graduate, with a Master’s degree, and employment in the US Government to support her passion for music, as well as her love of the Chinese food that she seems to be so fond of.

Michelle Chong’s mother Leticia Ong was a Chinese opera actress and later became a singer and choreographer. Michelle was raised in Orange County, California, and attended Pacific University, before transferring to SMU in Los Angeles. Michelle is listed on her Wikipedia page as a majoring in Theatre and Television, with a minor in Communications. Michelle’s father, starred in the show on her YouTube channel, and Leticia bongnino, who studied drama at the University of Southern California, are both listed on their own Wikipedia pages.

From all appearances, Michelle Chong appears to be a genuine and nice person, with a great family, and a stable, if somewhat typical, personal life. Her father was a well-known Chinese-American actor, and Michelle is identified as being half Chinese. It would seem likely, from what little we do know about Michelle Chong, that she is honest and sincere, and not overly driven by public appearance. We do not have much information about Michelle Chong’s personal life, beyond the fact that she is a member of a popular internet-based community called the Chinese Internet, and that she dated someone while enrolled at SMU.

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