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Michelle Goh Net Worth 2023, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Family

Michelle Goh is an actress from Singapore, who became popular after appearing in a number of popular television shows. Michelle Goh was born in Manila. Michelle Goh is saying to be very adventurous and did not have a stable place in her life until she appeared in some of the most popular television shows in the world. Michelle Goh was one of the original members of the M.A.S.H… Ladies of Science, which was a popular science fiction television show that lasted for two seasons.

Short Profile
First Name Michelle
Last Name Goh
Profession Actor
Age 46 years old
Birth Sign Capricorn
Birth Date September 9, 1973
Birth Place Singapore
Country Singapore

Michelle Goh was born to parents who were both doctors. Michelle Goh was one of five children of Dr. Lim Bunder. Michelle Goh is now married to Richard Goh and is the mother of three children. Michelle Goh is an active member of the Singapore Association of Saleable Businesswomen (SASB). She has been active in promoting women entrepreneurs and has served as the Chairperson for Women in Business for the past three years. Michelle Goh is an actress and also a singer.

Michelle Goh was born in Manila and was always interested in science and medicine. As she grew older, she began working in various health centers all over the country but was especially interested in learning about aesthetic, medical partners (AMP) and how they conducted their business. Michelle Goh also studied psychology at the University of London. Later in life she continued her studies in Neuro-physiology, nutrition and physiology at Harvard University where she earned her Doctorate degree in Public Health. Michelle Goh then joined the ranks of AMP in Singapore as an Administrative Officer, Marketing Manager, Accounts Executive and Director.

Michelle Goh has worked with some very well known people in the film and TV industry. For example, she was assistant to Lucille Ball in “All about Eve”, was a writer for the late Arthur Miller’s play “The Money Pit” and also worked with Chowdhry Joseph in the television series “MacGyver” – as well as “Fantasy Island” and “The Last Stand”. She also appeared in some feature films such as “Memento” and “Tapestrian” for which she received an award at the 2023 Academy Awards.

Michelle Goh has a professional profile on LinkedIn, which says she is a member of the Association of Professional Associations and Specializations in Singapore. There are also transcripts of speeches she has given on the Singapore tourism industry which mention her passion for public speaking and her desire to be the next Elizabeth Hurst. She is listed as a holder of the Senior Certificate in Communications and Social Communication from the American School of Professional Psychology. Michelle Goh is listed on the Singapore Association of Marriage and Dating Partners website as a member of the Sex and Relationships Forum and is listed on the Singapore Tourism Authority’s website as a participant in the Marriage and Family Program for Sexual Education.

Michelle Goh does not have any listed works as of yet on IMDB but she is a member of several social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. Michelle Goh has not given any appearances on TV or in print since joining Facebook in 2023. Her first film role was in the independent movie “The Way” released in 2023, where she played a character named Michelle Goh. There are several Michelle Goh pictures on Facebook and she is also friends with over thirteen thousand people on Twitter.

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