Mid Autumn Festival food 2023

The Mid-Autumn Festival in China is one of the most popular events to be held in that country every year from October to November. It features a large variety of colorful and extravagant cultural displays, fireworks and more, however the event is also renowned for its very tasty Mid Autumn Festival food. This Mid-Autumn Festival food top 10 list highlights the various places across the country where you can experience the taste of Mid-Autumn Festival food. Most of these dishes are available from October to November.

What food is eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival?

The evening’s dishes emphasize the bounty of fall’s harvest—pumpkin, chestnuts, taro, persimmons, sweet potato, walnuts, and mushrooms figure centrally in most meals along with traditional celebratory foods like crab, pork, and duck.

Chives is considered as one of the most popular and traditional vegetables in China. They are often used to decorate tables during this period. If you are planning to have a Mid-Autumn Festival dinner or just want to grill some chives for an appetizer during the festival, head to a local Chinese restaurant and ask them to prepare the said dish with chives. Be prepared to pay extra for this one though because of the time and effort it takes to make such a dish.

What fruit do people eat during Mid-Autumn Festival?

Pomelo fruits are one of the Moon Festival’s festive foods, read on to find out why are Pomelo fruits eaten during moon festival. Because of its round shape and its sweet taste, the pomelo is one of the primary festive foods of the mid-autumn moon festival. It is considered as a lucky fruit by the Chinese

There are many types of chives that you can find on the Mid Fall Festival menu. One is the Shourook type which is a slightly pungent green color. You can either fry it or roast it so that it would look more appealing as a vegetable. Another is the Wokshui-Wong type which is a slightly sweet yellow color. It is commonly used to complement sweet and sour pork and seafood dishes.

How to Host a Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Feast

If you are planning to have some roasted chicken, go to a Chinese restaurant around late September or early October. During this time they would be roasting the bird and use a special dry rub, which is made from crushed boneless chives. This rub is then mixed with duck sauce and then sipped on top of the roasted chicken. Another good preparation is to have a dish made of steamed Chinese cabbage with roasted chives and egg tofu which are served alongside it.

Shanghainese Sticky Red-Cooked Pork Belly

Aside from the above mentioned Mid Autumn Festival food there are also some other foods that you can enjoy during the festival itself. A popular Chinese dish is the Man Bing, which is made of wheat flour and fermented and cooked in an iron pan. A nice side dish that you can have is the spicy beef satay which is marinated in chili paste and fried. There are also some Mid Autumn Festival foods such as the various moo shoo mee products which are very popular all over China.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is usually on September. If you are looking for Mid Fall Festival food recipes then you can start checking some in your local Asian store or on the internet. They have plenty of interesting food ideas that you can try out during the festival. However make sure that you order these at least 2 weeks before the festival so that you will have ample time to prepare them. If you are having a more important event to attend, then better make your reservations ahead of time so that you won’t have to suffer if you are unable to go during the main events.


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