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Mila Santos was born in Miami, Florida. Mila is originally from Colombia, but now lives in New York City. Mila is well known as an accomplished model, with photoshoots for several magazines, including Elle, Vogue, Redbook, among others.

Mila Santos was a model when she was 16 years old. After that she pursued various other interests but remained busy doing modeling work. Mila Santos has been featured in many magazines and other media since she was a teenager. She has been listed in NY tabloids as an American star who primarily posts travel and modeling photos to her Mila Santos account. Mila Santos has gained more than 2,000 followers on her Facebook page since she initially posted a photo with her mother to the Mila Santos account in November of this year.

Mila is listed in the US media as a former beauty queen. She worked as a model for several years for Under Armor and Nike. Mila was also the singer for a very popular band, Sky Records. Mila Santos Net Worth – $ 750,000

Mila Santos did not grow up in the United States but did have Brazilian parents, in both her mother and father. Mila has given birth to three children, all of which are named Antonio, Leonardo and Alexandre. Mila was married to Jose da Silva Pereira dos Reis and she is said to be a very loving wife to her husband. Mila has a number of professional accomplishments, which include being the assistant bookkeeper for a financial firm in Brasilia, Brazil, for four years and is now a bookkeeper in New York City.

Full Name Mila Santos
Other Name Santos, Mila
Occupation Instagram Star
Eye Color Not Available
Hair Color Not Available
Family Not Available
Parents Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Spouse Not Available
Children(s) Not Available

Mila Santos Net Worth – $ 750,000 – Her real name is Mila Santos de Souza. She was born in Brazil and is of black, mulato background. Mila has been in the modeling business for 24 years and has been married to a man from Brazil and has a number of children. Mila Santos Net Worth – $ 750,000

Mila Santos has posted on her social media sites that she is an actress, model and former beauty queen. Mila Net Worth – 750,000 and she is still going strong as she is married to a Brazilian man and continues to model in New York. You can follow Mila Santos on social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Mila Santos Net Worth – 750,000 and she is still going strong as she is married to a Brazilian man and continues to model in New York.

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