Mohan Bijoy Dibosh 2023 Images, Wishes, Status, Message, & Profile Picture

Mohan Bijoy Dibosh 2023, known as Victory Day is a national day in Bangladesh. It was first celebrated in 1971, and Victory Day is being celebrated with more pomp on the occasion of the 50th anniversary in 2023. The Bangladesh government has already taken several steps to celebrate Victory Day. All administrations, including Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Police, are working on this, and they have organized a memorial rally and parade at the National Memorial. We will now gift you some message status pictures and poems to celebrate Victory Day. Through this, you can quickly wish your friends to celebrate the great victory day.

Also, in the current situation, everyone has decided to celebrate Victory Day sitting at home. That is why social media will play an essential role in celebrating Victory Day 2023. It will allow you to use your social media account to wish everyone a happy Victory Day. You can update the status of Victory Day. You can upload pictures related to Victory Day to your profile picture or cover photo. Many are making Victory Day frames and associating them with profile pictures. Thus, Victory Day is gaining recognition not only for its purpose but also abroad.

Mohan Bijoy Dibosh Message, SMS, Status 2023

Would you like to greet your loved one with a Victory Day message? You are on the right track. Since Victory Day is a national day in Bangladesh, you must greet everyone about this special day. So the following greeting messages can help you to wish your desired person a happy Victory Day. We never discourage you from creating new messages, but we encourage you to look at our selected greeting messages and make new greetings of your choice.

You can also write about the history and heritage of Victory Day on your Facebook status or Twitter tweet. Through this, the knowledge that you have about Victory Day will be spread among many in a short time. They may not know what you know, and this is how you can share the significance of your Victory Day with others.

Bijoyer Sorup dekhai, Akash-Somoddur,

Megher Pale dheu Er Tale, Bijoyer Sur..

Bijoyer Abesh Chorai, Fol-Pakhi-Chad-Tara,

Kheter fosol haowai Nache, hocche badhonhara…

Mohan Bijoy Dibosh ar Soveccha!!

Bangladesher Bijoy Elo 16 December e,

Bijoy Elo Bangla Mayer Ghore.

Juddho Kore Anlo Bijoy Shotru Holo Shes,

Itihas e Lekha Holo Mukto Bangladesh.

Bijoy Dibosh Er Suveccha..

Bangladesher Bijoy Elo Sholoy December e,
Bijoy Elo Priyo Amar Bangla Mayer Ghore.
Juddho Kore Anlo Bijoy Shotru Holo Shes,
Itihas e Lekha Holo Mukto Bangladesh.
Mohan Bijoy Dibos Er Subheccha.

Lokkho Sohider Rokter Binimoye…
Peyechi J bijoy Nishan,
Proyojone abar debo Rokto Dhele..
Bojay rakhite bijoyer maan,
Moder dehe thakte rokto bitha jabena sohider daan.

Mohan Bijoy Dibosh Picture 2023

Download Mohan Bijoy Dibosh Picture 2023 to celebrate this National Day of Bangladesh. It is a popular Festival in Bangladesh which celebrate by Every people. The special activity of this Celebration is Arranging a Competition between Students at Educational Institute and Locally. The Picture of MOHAN BIJOY DIBOSH can use on Facebook Profile Picture, Cover Photos and all other’s Social Media Profile Photo, Status & more.




Why do we celebrate Bijoy Dibosh?

It is a straightforward question because Victory Day is one of the most critical days in Bangladesh’s history. After a long nine-month war of independence, Bangladesh won on this day from West Pakistan. It was through this victory that the country was born and named Bangladesh. Otherwise, we would have gone from Pakistan, which is a shame for us sad Bengali-speaking people.

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