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Mona Ratuliu Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Mona Ratuliu is Indonesian actresses and presenter. She has been in the television shows Lupus Mileniam and Pelangi di Matamu. She is currently a graduate of the School of Art and Design of Tarumanegara University, Indonesia. She has acted in different movies, such as Keksistan, Irukandia, Tokyo Spy, Love Actually, and As I’m Missing. In her role as mother in Irukandia, she plays the character of Mita.

Mona Ratuliu was born January, 1996 in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is described as a versatile actress and presenter with good body language. Some of her roles in television have been: Jusuru (TV series), Dog Fort (film), My Little Pony (telemoney), and Lupus (a soap opera).

Popular As Margreta Feronica Ratuliu
Occupation Actress,Presenter
Age 39 years old
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Born 31 January 1982
Birthday 31 January
Birthplace Jakarta, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesian

Prior to becoming an Indonesian actresses and presenter, Mona Ratuliu was a professional volleyball player. She has also been a model and photographer. Mona Ratuliu has always talked about her love for the sport, her passion for volleyball, and her love of her country. She has lived in Indonesia most of her life and has a deep connection with the city and country. She was born and raised in Jakarta.

Mona Ratuliu has made a name for herself in television by being an actress and a presenter. She has been married and divorced four times. Her first husband was the actor Ong Bakien, who played opposite her in a popular sitcom in the early 80’s. The two had a son together, and later they became a family and later wed. Mona Ratuliu has appeared in a lot of films, including one movie that was made into a British film, titled Fathers.

Mona Ratuliu was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was the youngest of three children, and was namedaya Manus in which she was referred to as Manus meaning mother. As a toddler, she was always photographed with her father, Ong Bakien, or simply Manus. It is believed that her real name was Asma Manus. As an actress and a presenter, Mona Ratuliu has managed to develop and expand her net worth over the years, making herself a name in the entertainment world.

As of this writing, Mona Ratuliu’s net worth is approximately forty million dollars. Her current projects include a stint on a Chinese soap opera, and appearances on an Indonesian talk show. She will most likely continue to star in and develop shows with Chinese and Indonesian producers and directors. If you want to follow her on Instagram, you can do so here. If you like what you see, you can also help make Mona Ratuliu a household name in the entertainment industry.


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