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Are you curious to know Monica Potter’s body size? For an intelligent actress, model Monica Potter it is extremely serious to look great even at all times as curious onlookers follow her around. She is an excellent actor and singer and was married to Richard Burton, the famous director and screenwriter. In the late seventies, Monica Potter became well known in England, creating a name for herself in the British film industry. Her role as Dr. Caroll in the hit movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland paved way for her to discover greater roles that would enhance her fine acting skills.

Monica Potter was born in July, nineteen twenty-two in London, England. Her life style changed dramatically after her marriage to Burton and in turn her appearance also changed. After several years of staying home, Monica Potter moved to Los Angeles, California. Monica is a great actress and singer who have accomplished so much in her acting career. Here are some of Monica Potter’s 33-inch body measurements and you will see why she is so attractive:

This is one of the shortest measurements of Monica Potter’s height and in terms of her bust and waistline. Monica Potter’s measurements of her bust at the top of her shoulders is a stunning fifteen inches, while her waist measurement is a firm five feet six inches. Monica Potter’s shoes are an absolute must-have and are one of her favorite accessories that she wears. Her favorite handbags are a pair of strappy sandals, complimenting her dark cowboy boots.

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Checkout below the complete details about the actress Monica Potter body measurements including her height, weight, bra size, shoe size, waist, hip size and dress sizes.

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Monica Potter’s height at her early life is given as “just over five feet, four inches” in the British records. This means that Monica Potter has remained pretty much the same height throughout her early life. So, how did she come to be this tall? Well, the famous film star came from a family of “celebrities” which included her parents along with her two sisters. Her real name is Monica Leigh Potter and she used her first name in her movie titles such as Pretty Woman, The Perfect Storm and Dark Water. Monica was married to Richard Burton and they had a son together, Michael.

Monica Potter was born in July of 1971 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her birth name was Monica Ann Hanks and she used her maiden name in her marriage to Richard Burton. Richard Burton was an actor that was well known in England and even went on to marry Marilyn Monroe on June thirty-first. Monica was not only a beautiful actress but was also a fine model. She appeared in many movies and was even an assistant to James Dean. It was later revealed that she used her real name for her stage name, hence her being called Monica Potter.

Monica Potter is an entertainer, to which we can always look up to these days. Her acting ability is what people will always remember of her and she has entertained countless people across the world, both young and old. Her height is an issue of concern since she is only 49 years old, however she is still a leading woman with all the qualities one looks for in an actresses. She has been nominated three times for Academy Awards and has amassed a fortune for herself as well as her movies.