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Moushumi is an award winning Bangladesh director and actress. She has been nominated twice for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and once for Best Supporting Actress in a Leading Role. She has appeared in dozens of movies since her early days in college in the 1980s, where she starred in a number of low budget films. Her acting career has spanned four decades, the first two as an actress and the last as a director. She has also acted in several documentaries and has written several books.

BIRTHDAY 3 November, 1973 (Saturday)
COUNTRY Bangladesh
AGE (in 2021) 47 Years Old
HEIGHT in centimeters- 168 cm
in meters- 1.68 m
in Feet Inches- 5’ 6”
WEIGHT in Kilograms- 65 kg
in Pounds- 143.3 lbs 

Moushumi was born in Ghana but migrated to Bangladesh when only nineteen years old. She studied at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles where she graduated in drama. After that she spent two years in London, performing in various theater shows and one of which was a short stint in a television show. After that she went back to Ghana, where she continued her studies at the University of Ghana. She gained a degree in communications and later in Management and a Master’s Degree in Communications.

Wikipedia provides some interesting information about Moushumi. According to the biography on the Moushumi website, Moushumi was a skilled chef who had studied the fine arts while studying at university in England. When she was working in an import/export office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, she was attacked by locals for speaking English. In response, she killed nine people and injured several others.

The biography continues with Moushumi revealing her personal characteristics and accomplishments as an actress and how she utilized her skills as an actress. This is relevant as many actors are not known for being social media gurus nor do they have the high profile that Adele was famous for having. Wikipedia notes that in 2005, Moushumi was featured in the British magazine Focalin where she was interviewed by Steve Hewlett. After the interview, the magazine ran a feature story titled “A Guide to Celebrities” which discussed Moushumi’s views on social networking and her experience with the British film industry.

As someone who has been an actor since she was a young child, Moushumi was obviously aware of being an actor. However it is interesting to note that she is not listed on IMDB as an actor or as a performer. It seems somewhat strange that she is being nominated as a goodwill ambassador for Nike yet is not listed as an actor or even a performer on IMDB. One possibility is that perhaps the Wikipedia entry on Moushumi is incorrect and that she is actually an actress. However, a former employee of hers also confirmed to this author that Moushumi was indeed an actress and that she had been nominated as the best actress in a Best Picture category forourage.

It should be noted however, that despite being a popular actress in India, according to reports she made very few films during her lifetime. It is possible that because of limited exposure or that she chose to focus on less successful roles that she never achieved the heights of stardom that she was hoping for in her career. However, according to media reports she did receive a seven-year deal to play the lead role in the remake of The Great Bazaar opposite Amitabh Bachan. With her net worth at the time estimated to be between six million and eight million dollars, it is not surprising that she would want to use her fame and fortune to support the spread of AIDS.

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