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Movement Pass Police gov bd and Movement Pass App both allow Apply for Pass during visiting outside home in Lockdown. Visit to Apply Online easily. You can also download the Bangladesh Police Movement Pass App APK file to install on your Smartphone.  We recommend you Installing the App from Google Play Store to receive update automatically. At present, according to the situation in the country, the police force has introduced a movement pass for emergency movement during all the restrictions to prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

The lockdown has been announced from Wednesday 14 April. During this lockdown, you have to take 7 days movement pass. Media workers do not have to take the movement pass. Every citizen has to apply for a movement pass for emergency movement, police said. It is not possible to go from one place to another without a movement pass. Police have already started giving movement passes. An app has been launched for passing movement.

Lawyer Benazir Ahmed said the government has taken various steps to ensure that everyone in the Corona situation fulfils their responsibilities honestly. We do not want any loss of life. The main way out of the current situation is personal awareness. We must use Max and adhere to hygiene rules. We have to follow these rules of movement and clean hands and feet while maintaining physical speed with attention and sincerity. So we will be aware of ourselves as well as make others aware. is the official Website of Bangladesh Police Movement Pass Official Website. By visiting this Website, anyone can Register for an outside Travel pass during Lockdown in Bangladesh. Job Holder, Businessman and all other professionals can Apply Online. Without the pass, you may face different problem during travelling.

Movement Pass App Download

Smartphone users can Download Movement Pass App to apply for Movement Pass quickly. After submitting the Application, You will receive a pass PDF file. Download the file and carry it forward while travelling. You can bring both online copy or Printed file copy during Travelling.

Why Police Movement Pass is required?

Lockdown is currently prevailing in Bangladesh. Outbreaks of the Coronavirus cannot be carried out unnecessarily from one place to another as per the new rules. Movement passes are needed to get out in an emergency. If you want to take Moment Pass, you have to apply on the Bangladesh Police website. When the process of the applicant is completed, the concerned authority will check and select it and give the movement pass to the suitable applicant.

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How to apply Bangladesh Police Movement Pass 2023?

At present we need to go out of the house to receive emergency services. We need a movement pass to get out. Movement pass is at least necessary to go out. So we all should know about the rules of movement pass application. To apply for a movement pass, first, you have to apply on the website of Bangladesh Police.

  • You have to give your mobile number in the application. An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to that number. * Applicant must write the date of birth twice. For example, if the date of birth is 01-02-1994, then 01021994 should be written in this rule.
  • The name of the area or police station where the applicant lives should be written in the relevant place.
  • If the applicant wants to go from one place to another, he has to give his specific address. Men or women need to make sure.
  • Since in case of emergency you will go out of the house. Of course, you have to write the name of that job.
  • The applicant will then want to know about some specific facts in the form which has to be filled in correctly step by step.
  • The application form mentions 13 requirements. If there is any need other than the mentioned requirements, other options have to be selected.
  • Mention how long it will take outside the house if necessary.
  • When applying for a movement pass, one has to upload a copy of the photo and submit the application.
  • Once the application form is filled, you have to download the pass from the Movement Pass site. * Return message will be sent to the applicant. It must be downloaded and printed.
  • This print copy is considered a movement pass.
  • The duration of a movement pass will be only three hours. Thus, the calculation of the next three hours from the date and time given will begin.
  • Going out of the house and coming into the house from outside will require a separate movement pass.

Movement passes will be issued for

We must get out of the house for our daily needs. Therefore, a movement pass will be given to the citizen in case of emergency. Moment passes are usually not given without any special requirements. Movement passes will be given depending on the subjects. It is discussed below-

  • Shopping in grocery stores and raw markets.
  • Medicine and medical work.
  • For agricultural work.
  • Public transport supply.
  • Relief distribution.
  • Purchase at wholesale or retail price.
  • Corpse funeral.

In addition, the police will consider giving passes to those who need to move outside but do not have a match with any other class. A movement pass is not required for performing the duties of a journalist.

What can happen if you go out on the street without a movement pass?

  • If you go out on the streets without a movement pass, you have to be accountable to the police.
  • The administration can impose any kind of punishment if it finds someone on the street without a movement pass.
  • If you go out without a movement pass, you may be fined or humiliated.
  • You may be sent back during the journey.

Finally, those who want to go out for the above work must apply to the police at the Movement Pass and be able to go out after receiving the pass. The police have introduced movement passes so that we do not go out of the house without urgent need. No chat can be given on the road. As a responsible citizen, no one should go out of the house unnecessarily. If you go out in an emergency, you must return home quickly.


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