People and Society – Lockdown Movement Pass 2023 is the official Website of Lockdown Movement Pass 2023. On April 13, the day before the start of the strict lockdown, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed launched the 11-hour movement side website. Therefore, in the last 46 hours, about four lakh 977 people have applied for Duke Moment Pass on the website. And the police members have passed three lakh 16000 thousand 801.

People of various professions have knocked on the respective websites 15 crores 99 lakh 22 thousand 65 times till 9 am on Thursday to get the movement of the police for movement in the lockdown. In other words, 14 thousand 26 knocked every minute. Thus, ordinary people have to apply for a movement pass to the police to go out with special needs.

Lockdown Movement Pass Application Rules

You need to apply for Duke Pass on the website. A phone number must be given at the beginning of the application. The relevant application will be asked to know where to go from. This information has to be given to the police member step by step. Then the applicant has to upload a picture and submit the form. This movement pass application is not only in Dhaka. It has been implemented all over Bangladesh. Thus, the police members on duty have to show movement pass while going out for special necessary work in lockdown. requirement

The applicant candidate should clearly state from which Upazila and area to which area or Upazila. Next, the applicant’s name, age, the reason for travel, gender, date and time of use of the pass, identity card and photo etc. must be given clearly. Then only the application will be executed properly. And through the next message, the applicant will know that his movement pass application has been accepted.

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Areas that require a movement pass

Buying and selling groceries, raw materials, medicine, medicine, jobs, agriculture, relief distribution, wholesale and retail, transportation, business, and funerals. People can apply for Movement Pass. But a man cannot apply repeatedly. And a phone number repeatedly will not be considered effective. You have to take a pass every time you travel. A pass can only be used once. So, you have to apply for the pass separately to go and come. The number of cases of the Coronavirus in Bangladesh has been increasing day by day in recent times. And for this, the Bangladesh authorities have issued strict lockdown rules.

Ordinary people will not be able to go out of the house without urgent need. And for this special need, the movement pass given by the police will be required. Then you will only be allowed to travel. However, even though the ban was imposed from April 5 to 11, it was not very effective in Bangladesh. So, Bangladesh Police says, the government will take strict steps to implement the restrictions given by Bangladesh Police and no one will be allowed to travel outside without Movement Pass. Therefore the lockdown will be very strictly effective in these eight days.

This movement pass application was launched by bringing the people of Bangladesh under fourteen categories. So no ordinary person can ever go out of the house without the necessary work. The policemen in charge of Bangladesh will perform their duties properly and will never allow any people to travel without a movement pass. And there will be a set time for those who go out to see the movement pass. That means the fixed time will be three hours. Therefore the calculation of the next three hours will start from the date and time given. So the applicant has to return to his destination within this period.

Again, police member Benazir Ahmed said that we do not want to see anyone on the street unnecessarily. If necessary, you must wear a mask outside the house and come home and wash your hands thoroughly with a sanitiser. Subsequently, the IGP said that unnecessary movement should be stopped in the days of lockdown. So, every human being has to be aware. Everyone has to abide by the rules, meaning they can’t hang out outside the house unnecessarily. Because this corona epidemic has hit Bangladesh hard again. So each of us should be aware.


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