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Mpok Nori Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

MPok Nori, better known as Mpok Nori in Indonesia is a well know face from the early 1990’s. Mpok Nori was actually an Indonesian singer and actor. Mpok Nori first made his name as an actress playing the role of “Krause Kid” in a rather hit musical called the No Gucci album. Mpok Nori’s first musical venture was the songwriting and production of “Ruru,” which translates into “Red on Gold.” Mpok then went on to establish himself as a singer/actor with roles in movies such as “Caribu” and “Irugan,” as well as producing music for other stars such as Run-DMC and Don Williams.

Mpok Nori had also made a name for himself in the form of articles and is blogging for a number of news websites in Indonesia. Mpok’s fascination with tattoos and body art really began to develop at this time. Mpok used this interest in body art to create articles for the popular news portal Antu-Online, where he presented an array of photos depicting his tattoos. Mpok’s interest in body art extended to the realm of photography, as he took photos of himself in a number of poses using various tattoo equipment. These images were then posted on various blogs and Mpok used them as the source for his tattoo designs.

Mpok Nori’s life spanned just two short years. On 8 July 1930 he was arrested after driving his car into a petrol pump at Mactan, en route to a gig in Bandung, on Java. Mpok was found guilty of drunk driving and fined heavily. Mpok was not, however, given a specific place or period within which he could apply for a pardon. Mpok’s request was declined by the Indonesian governor, as it was believed that his application had only recently been made.

Mpok’s last known location was at the Pasar Rebo General Hospital in Mactan, where he is said to have died of suffocation from hanging from a noose. Mpok’s family established a fund in the name of Mpok’s wife, Susy, to be used in her husband’s burial. Mpok’s body was cremated following a week-long ordeal at the Pasar Rebo General Hospital. Mpok’s death is also listed as a probable suicide, due to the fact that he was hanging when he died.

Mpok’s ashes were given to Masek and Satya Masek, the owners of Mpok’s former pub in Mactan, Indonesia, on behalf of Mpok’s wife. It is hoped that this will lead to increased interaction between Masek and Satya Masek, as well as Mpok’s two daughters, Mirella and Mijo. Satya Masek stated that she would be very happy to pay any cost required to return Mpok’s body to their native Indonesia. Mpok’s two daughters, Mirella and Mijo, are not so fortunate, as they are not related to Mpok. There have been attempts by various groups trying to make a profit out of Mpok’s ashes, however, as it is known that Mpok had three daughters.


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