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Mr Bee Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Biography & Net Worth

Mr Bee is a fictional character created by the late Arthur Miller in his play The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Mr Bee is portrayed as a tall and clever dwarf who can solve problems with his sharp wit and exceptional problem solving skills. His unusual good looks have made Mr Bee a superstar in the world of arts and letters.

Mr Bee is portrayed as the head of the beekeeping family called the Beekeepers of Honey. He is the younger brother of stingy Mr. Bee and has a close relationship with him. Mr Bee is depicted as a very caring and helpful father figure to his family who gives important advice to them in their daily adventures and responsibilities.

Mr Bee’s father Mr. Swaffner, is an alcoholic who always travels on business trips. Mr Bee’s mother Fannie is a poor housekeeper who always put in her efforts to provide the very best for her family despite the hardships she had to go through. Mr Bee’s younger sister, Miss Bees, and Mr Bee’s daughter, Charity are the other important characters in the life of Mr Bee.

Mr Bee was born and spent most of his early years in Australia, where his parents worked as teachers and doctors. He attended the private boarding school Mt Evelyn High School where he gained a reputation as one of the brightest students with an interest in reading as well as sciences and maths. Mr Bee trivia would reveal that Mr Bee wrote his first story while still a student at Mt Evelyn High School. Some interesting facts about Mr Bee are that his birth name is actually Michael Bee while his middle name is Beeswax.

Mr Bee Quick Info
Height 5 ft 4 in
Weight 58 kg
Date of Birth April 30, 2005
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Hair Color Dark Brown

Mr Bee is known to be an adventurous child. One of Mr Bee’s favorite books is titled A Time To Kill. Another bee fact is that Mr Bee always tries to outsmart his opponents. Mr Bee is also known to have built up a sizable collection of stuffed animals that is called his “Stuff.” Mr Bee trivia reveals that the reason for Mr Bee’s love for stuffed animals is due to the many memories he had of being abandoned by his foster parents when he was a small child.

Mr Bee is played by Jeff Daniels. Mr Bee made his first on screen appearance in the film called Chicago. Mr Bee’s character appeared again in the sequel of the film called The Prophecy. Mr Bee is also the executive producer on the television series called The Mentalist.

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