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Nafa Urbach Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Nafa Urbach is an Indonesian singer and actress. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, she is best known for her amazing voice and her beautiful face that have made her a popular face in Hollywood. She began her musical career in the early part of her 20’s with the band Baguazhangadi. Her musical interests later ranged to singing, acting and dancing. She went on to have a number of hit songs and was nominated for the best singer spot at the MTV Music Awards in the 1996 and got to perform on the silver screen in the movie “Mighty Medusa”.

Nafa Urbach has been married to her first husband Jusuru Perlino since 1997. According to her fans, the couple had six children, five of whom they won in singing competitions and one of them became a celebrity through viral marketing. Nafa Urbach was also said to be undergoing cosmetic surgery to improve the quality of her skin and face. There are pictures of her during this period where she appears to have undergone surgical facelifts and liposuction.

First Name Nafa
Last Name Urbach
Profession Movie Actress
Age 39 years old
Birth Sign Gemini
Birth Date June 15, 1980
Birth Place Indonesia
Country Indonesia

Based from the information in her biography, Nafa Urbach is currently single. However, it is very likely that she has been in a relationship with one of her former band members since the early nineties. The biographies of the other members of Baguazhang were not mentioned but based from the information in her biography, she seems to have been in a relationship with her second husband Jusuru Perlino since the early nineties.

Nafa Urbach’s profile on the website says that she is from Buenos Aires. According to her fans that are available on the message boards, she was born in Brazil. Her birthday is May 4, which according to public records shows that she was actually born on this day. The only other details available on this person’s personal life is some information available about her birth date and the place of birth, which are described as being somewhere in Uruguay.

The most interesting aspect about Nafa Urbach’s personal life is that she was obsessed with Brazilian music artists and with the martial arts during her early years in school. She was also a member of a punk subculture, which she joined at the age of sixteen. Her family name inertia is written in Spanish and her birth certificate is available. The profile does not indicate any other countries in which she may have lived in during her youth. Her first name originates from the Latin phrase: “nuvi”.

This is a short biography of an interesting person. The more detail that is available the better as it can help to paint a more accurate picture of Nafa Urbach’s life. The question that arises is: where did Nafa Urbach live? How accurate is the information that is available on the net about her life and about the other members of her family?


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