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Natalie Zea Net Worth, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Natalie Zea is a professional wrestler professionally known as “Ruth.” She is also an actress, model, and wife and owner of Zea Solutions, a successful Internet marketing company. The company was started in 2021 by Zea after she left a high paying job as a physical therapist in Plano, Texas. According to the business’s Web site, it was created so that people like Natalie could have the opportunity to make money online while spending more time with their families.

According to the profile on the Zea Solutions Web site, Natalie Zea was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Her birth date is documented as 17th of April 1975 and her original home is in Harris County, Texas. She is the mother of twin boys, ages seven and two and was married man later in 2021. In the last ten years, she has been active in the Internet marketing industry and is a wife and a Web entrepreneur. Throughout the years, she has been a loyal subscriber to Yahoo!, MSN, eBay and Amazon.

The most accurate information about the life of Natalie Zea is provided by her profile on the Zea Solutions Web site. In one sentence, she says: “I am a loyal subscriber to all three (MSN, Ebay, Amazon) sites. I am a wife and mother of twin boys who were born in March 1975 in Houston Texas. My birth sign is Zera.”

In a photograph on the zea net worth page, Natalie appears to be a petite woman with dark hair and dark eyes. Her height is listed at only 158 cm., which would place her in the top twenty for shortest ever recorded height and is significantly lower than the majority of the celebrityrities in the public eye who have drastically different heights. It should also be noted that in this same photo, one of the twins is dramatically taller than the other, which would again greatly reduce the possibility that this could simply be an error in identifying the height of the twins, as there are no pictures of them side by side in any published collection.


Bio / Wiki
Full NameNatalie Zea
Date of BirthMarch 17, 1975
Place of BirthTexas
Star SignPisces
CountryUnited States


Birth date17-Mar
Day of BirthMonday
Year of Birth1975
Birth SignPisces
Birth Sign DualityPassive
Birth Sign Modality & ElementMutable Water
Opposite SignVirgo

Based on the information provided on the zea height site, it is apparent that Natalie Zea is not the same person pictured on that site. Instead, it is clearly Nana Veljkovic, the real star of the real show, which is based on the life of Nana Veljkovic. This raises several questions about the validity of the website, and whether or not it is true that Veljkovic’s real name is not Natalie but Nana. In light of the fact that the name “Nana” is used in many locations online where the real star has been mentioned, including the zea height site itself, one can easily see that it is likely that the website is attempting to give the impression that the starlet’s real name is Nana Veljkovic, which is completely false.

Based upon the information provided on the zea net worth site, it is very likely that Natalie Zea did not grow to be the height of five feet as described on the website. In fact, most experts agree that the accurate figure given on that site is probably closer to four feet ten inches tall. However, some famous TV actresses who are listed on that site are not really famous enough to warrant such a high rating, such as Kate Winslet, who is listed at number 34. The fact that she is only six feet tall could be what prompted this article, as it seems like a lot of attention is being paid to a height that is not important in the public eye.

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