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Natanael Cano Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family

Natanael Cano is a Filipino American singer, actor and musician best known for his work as a member of the band blink-indigo, along with the more recent Taking Back Sunday. His musical interests include playing the guitar, drums, and of course, singing. The Natanael Cano Wiki was created so others can learn more about Natanael Cano and how his music has affected his musical peers. Natanael Cano’s Wiki was created in response to a request by musician, Ryan Adams. There are many Natanael Cano facts that have been created by fans on this website.

Natanael Cano trivia begins with Natanael Cano’s early life. According to Natanael Cano’s birth date, the star sign of Taurus is Taurus. Natanael Cano was born in 1945 in Brooklyn, New York.

Natanael Cano’s early life also includes information about his parents. His parents were separated when he was young and his mother worked long hours at a printing shop while his father stayed at home to raise and care for Natanael alone. Natanael Cano had three younger siblings who were also very popular when he was a kid. His siblings were named Raymond, Michael, and Dexter.

Natanael Cano’s early life and schooling include learning about his birth sign. Natanael Cano was a student of Carl Jung’s, along with his wife, Alma. The couple made an effort to understand each other’s thoughts and beliefs. After studying through Jung’s psychology books and other works, they began their study about the stars and constellations and discovered Natanael Cano as his own personal star sign.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Natanael Cano
Occupation Singer
Age 20
Date of Birth March 27, 2001
Place of Birth Mexico
Star Sign Aries
Country Mexico
Gender Male

Birthday, Age & Zodiac Sign:

Natanael Cano birthday is on 27-Mar-01 and he was born on Tuesday. He is now 20 years old. Natanael sun sign is Aries and his birth flower is Daffodil.


Birth date 27-Mar
Day of Birth Tuesday
Year of Birth 2001
Birth Sign Aries
Birth Sign Duality Assertive
Birth Sign Modality & Element Cardinal Fire
Opposite Sign Libra

Natanael Cano’s star chart was created by astrologer Horatio Holley. Natanael Cano’s birth chart is based on information that can be found in several books and the internet. Natanael Cano’s internet money making site, starting in October of 2023, shows his chart on the homepage. The information Natanael provides is divided into sections. These sections include his birth sign, the zodiac signs (co-realigned), music, business, and money. One of the sections that can be interesting is his section on money.

A sample of Natanael Cano’s early life and education is shown in the sample selection of Natanael Cano’s personal star chart. This chart shows his birth sign, Virgo, which is a fixed element, and his birth date, October of 1970. The next section of the sample selection features his education. This section includes his high school graduation year and the universities that he attended. Natanael Cano’s section on business shows his selected chart positions for the year 2023. This shows that Natanael Cano was very focused on business in his early life and possibly that impacted his success as a musician.

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