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What better way to celebrate National Armed Forces Day then by throwing a party for the men and women who protect our freedoms every day. Since its inception, in 1903, National Armed Forces Day has been celebrated every June as a means of recognizing those who make our country safer. In fact, the very first National Armed Forces Day was commemorated with much success, and the tradition has since blossomed into a very prestigious public holiday.

The actual date of National Armed Forces Day every year changes annually, but the official observance occurs the second Sunday of the month of July. If you live in a state that does not recognize July as the legal date for this national celebration then you can easily find out when it is next held. For example, in Florida, the national armed forces day falls on the second Saturday of July. If you are not able to find out when the actual holiday will be in your area, then you can always check with your local government so they can help you with the time of the celebration of interest in your city or town.

One of the biggest things that people thoroughly enjoy about National Armed Forces Day is the opportunity to interact with one another in a fun and relaxed environment. This is why many municipalities around the country have planned special events that can be enjoyed by family and friends without having to worry about traffic, parking issues or finding a good spot for eating. While there are often regional celebrations that are offered by various municipalities, the most well-known ones include ones in Maryland and Virginia, which offer guests the opportunity to celebrate at the nation’s capital. More than just a parade, National Armed Forces Day also features a number of different games and contests that are meant to allow members of the military to show off their skills and have a chance to connect with one another in an atmosphere that is not necessarily very casual.

The best part about National Armed Forces Day is that it is celebrated each year in every US city and town. In fact, the official name for the day is “vernacular freedom day” because that is what the army men were called upon to give to the people of the United States. It is important to understand that the name of the day was actually selected as a way to honor all members of the armed forces who have made the sacrifices for the greater good of the country. Although the tradition of presenting a red ribbon to individuals has been practiced for many years, the actual colors of the ceremony were changed in the early part of the 20th century to represent the service and sacrifice that soldiers from all parts of the military have given to the country. Changing the color of the ribbon on the day brings forth an important message of support and pride to the people of the United States.

Happy Armed Forces Day Messages

1. Each and every soldier of a country holds the pride of the nation…. Let us salute the strong and the brave army men and women of our nation who are always there for us, guarding us and keeping us safe…. Warm wishes on National Armed Forces Day.

Armed Forces Day

2. National Armed Forces Day is a reminder for all the civilians to thank their army for being the protector of the country and its countrymen….. It is the day to honour their sacrifices and their fearless spirit…. Sending you Happy National Armed Forces Day wishes.

National Armed Forces Day

3. A soldier is not just an army man…. He is also a son, a brother, a husband, a father and a friend…. Salute to all those families and friends who send their sons to join the army and take care of the country…. A very Happy National Armed Forces Day to you.

Armed Forces Day images 5

4. Let us not only honour the soldier who sacrifices his life for the country but also his family who honours this sacrifice with pride…. Let us bow our heads to these brave soldiers and their families….. Wishing you a very Happy National Armed Forces Day.

Happy Armed Forces Day

5. We can sleep comfortably because we have our soldiers guarding our borders….. We can celebrate all the festivals because we know our army men are there to take care of the emergencies…. Let us send our warm wishes on National Armed Forces Day to our army.

6. Army is the biggest strength for any country and also the pride of the country…. We are blessed to have such a strong and competent army force which has the potential to conquer our enemies with their strength and passion for nation….. Happy National Armed Forces Day.

7. Love for the nation is the only feeling which makes an ordinary man an army man…. Let us honour and thank all the army men who put their nation and countrymen before themselves and their families…. Wishing you a very Happy National Armed Forces Day.

USA Armed Forces Day Thank you Messages

11. With all our heart, we thank our armed forces for fulfilling all their duties and responsibilities and protecting all of us….. Best wishes on USA Armed Forces Day!!!

12. Let us pray for all our soldiers and armed forces on USA Armed Forces Day for they are the ones who keep us save each and every day.

13. Each and every day they dedicate every moment of their lives in the service of our motherland…. They are our real heroes…. Happy USA Armed Forces Day!!!

A great American tradition began on this August evening in April of 1917. As the world wide war broke out, President Woodrow Wilson activated the call of volunteers to the U.S. Army. Most of them were young men from small towns all across the nation, which served together in order to defeat the enemy and win the day. This was National Armed Forces Day that year and it has continued to be celebrated on the third Saturday of every May until present.

Each year, the colors green and red are chosen to represent the sacrifice that our Armed Forces makes every day in foreign countries. On the fourth weekend of May, that event is celebrated with much fanfare and much of the general public is involved in the festivities. A parade through the Capital State is decorated with floats bearing the flags of the various states military service. This National Armed Forces Day also includes performances by the soldiers of the allied forces performing choreographed routines in several cities all around the country.

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