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Happy Cat Day 2023! National Cat Day is one of the best celebrating days. Too many people from different countries celebrate this day very carefully. National Cat Day celebrates annually. International Foud For Animal Welfare struggles so much for this cat day. Almost the whole world is celebrating this cat day. At first, Canada arranges a celebration for cat day. Next, the United States running this National Cat Day celebration.  People like to celebrate this day with very honoring. They love their pets very much. The day teaches everyone to care more about cats.

National Cat Day authority shares a statement where they mention that at first, this holiday was celebrated in 2005. The organization suggests a great speech on the website. They told that everyone needs to rescue many cats in a year & we need to more care about cats. And national cat day must celebrate every cat. Because we need to show them how much we love them.

National Cat Day Image
National Cat Day Image

National Cat Day History & Activities

National Cat Day has founded by Colleen Paige (pets & lifestyle experts). She also created many celebration days such as National Dog Day, National Mutt Day. In Canada, the first time cat day celebrates on 8 August. Colleen Paige raises voice for awareness of homeless cats.

On the cat day celebration, everyone is doing special something for the favourite cats. You can spend the whole day with your cat. And also, everyone gets together with each other cats & shares about the good story of everyone’s cat. Some of the people arrange for a seminar, at the workshop they talk about how to protect every cat. You can manage healthy food for your cat. Don’t forget to take a bath. If they have any illness, then go to the doctor’s fast. So, always try to give better care to your cat.

When is National Cat Day?

National Cat Day officially celebrate on 29 October in the United States. But this year will be held on 8 August 2023. All the pets lover, waiting for this day to a celebration. National Cat Day is much special for cat lovers, cause they celebrate this very differently. Colleen Paige is always standing by the side of the Pet. She is doing everything for pets justice & pets save a life. Once upon a time, Colleen Paige, the story of her Pet, when she was ten years old, her family adopts a dog for her. The history says that she is every pet lover.

Year Date Day
2023 October 29 Thursday
2023 October 29 Friday
2023 October 29 Saturday
2023 October 29 Sunday
2024 October 29 Tuesday

National Cat Day Quotes

  • “There is not any higher love during this world than love from the cat.”
  • “Cats have the standard to outsmart dogs every and each time.”
  • “If you suffer from depression or cognitive content, you wish a cat to form it a cheerful day for you each day.”
  • “Cats ar one among the cutest and greatest joys in life…. offer them an area in your heart and residential
  • “Home is wherever a cat is as a result of she is thus filled with love and life that she will unfold happiness around you.”
  • “Cat is showing emotion terribly communicative and honest.”
  • “There is not any different animal as sleek and as crafty as a cat.”
  • “The method she walks to the method she sits, she is pure vogue and charm.”
  • “Time spent with a cat is that the time used best.”
  • “You don’t opt for a cat to like however a cat chooses you.”

If we look around, then we can realize many people beat every cat. They should raise voice for this type of incident. We need to care more about every Pet. Also, their Pet decorates our lives more beautiful. So, this year celebrate National Cat Day with more attentively. If you think this post is useful, then share the post with your friends. We hope that it will help them to care more about cats.


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