National Chocolate Ice Cream Day 2023 Activities, Celebration, Status & Pics

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day LogoNational Chocolate Ice Cream Day 2023 will be celebrated on 7th June. It is one of the popular celebrations in the United States. Younger’s celebrate this Day especially but their family also support them to celebrate this Day. You know that chocolate ice cream was actually invented before vanilla. So, it’s priority almost better for people of all ages. Before Vanilla, Hot chocolate got popularity in Europe and many other countries. Different people like different flavors of Ice Cream. So, as per their own choice, they can Celebrate this Day.

According to complete a survey of 1000 People from the United States who eats Ice Cream regularly, the result is showing different people like a different flavor of Ice cream. In this content, we are providing details report with a percentage of the survey. Also, you will get the ways of Celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Some activities for this day is also available for you.

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When is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day 2023?

The people of the United States almost know the Date of National Ice Cream Day which going to celebrate. Most of the people from other countries and also from the USA don’t know the exact date of this Celebration. It is not a public holiday, so everything will run as regular.

Year Date Day
2023 June 7 Sunday
2023 June 7 Monday
2023 June 7 Tuesday
2023 June 7 Wednesday
2024 June 7 Friday

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day Activities

Here is the Activities of National Chocolate Ice Cream Day 2023 which is celebrating in the United States on 7th June 2023, Sunday. This is a very popular celebration for children. They almost wait to celebrate this Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Now, we’re giving you some Activities of this Day.

  • Visit an old-fashioned ice cream parlor
  • Make Chocolate Ice Cream on your Home
  • Collect different Chocolate Flavor & Colour based Ice cream
  • Arrange Party and show your Chocolate Ice Cream collection to invited Guest
  • Arrange a competition to eat Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Load up on toppings
  • Fix yourself a dessert-themed cocktail

Top 9 Ice Cream Flavors loved by Americans

We already informed that American people love different types of Flavor for eating Ice Cream. So, see the Survey result and know that how many people like which Icecream Flavor. This Report made after analyzing 1000 People who like to eat ice cream regularly.

  1. Mint chocolate chip (16%)
  2. Chocolate (15%)
  3. Cookies and cream (15%)
  4. Vanilla (12%)
  5. Butter Pecan (11%)
  6. Rocky road (10%)
  7. Strawberry (10%)
  8. Chocolate chip (5%)
  9. Neapolitan (4%)

Different Cities of America like different Flavors of Ice cream. The Chocolate Ice Cream like the top 10 Cities is available here. Cities are San Antonio, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, Charlotte, Phoenix, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, & Los Angeles. The people from these cities like Chocolate Ice Cream.

Please make sure that all of your Family Members, Friends, and other relatives know this Day. If not, inform them first or arrange a party and invite them to attend your party. It will make the day enjoyable. Please don’t forget to share the image of your Celebration on Social Media. Just use Hashtag #NationalChocolateIceCreamDay and inform the World about your celebration.

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