National Christmas Lights Day 2023 History, Activities

National Christmas Lights Day 2023. In an attempt to bring light to the world, National Christmas Lights Day was established in 1979. It is celebrated on the second Saturday in December in order to remind people of the holiday season and spread joy in a time when many are in need. Across America, families decorate their homes with lights and take photographs of their creations for a chance to win a prize. The winner is announced each year on National Christmas Lights Day.

National Christmas Lights Day is tomorrow night! This annual event is a chance for people to share their love of all things Christmas. The holiday season can be difficult for those who are not able to celebrate the happy occasion, so this day is a way of lifting spirits and bringing a little more cheer into the world. As a result, celebrations take place across the country- from New York City to Chicago to San Francisco.

National Christmas Lights Day is December 1st, the day of the year when people are encouraged to turn off their house lights and use candles or electric lights instead. There are many reasons for this national event. One reason is that turning off lights saves energy, which helps the environment. It also helps save money on electricity bills. Additionally, being eco-friendly this day will help keep our planet healthy.

National Christmas Lights Day Activities

National Christmas Lights Day is a holiday that celebrates our nation’s love of the winter holidays. It is celebrated on December 1st, which happens to be the first day of winter. Activity for this day can be as simple as hanging up a string of lights around your home or getting creative with your decorating efforts by creating your very own gingerbread house or another winter wonderland.

National Christmas Lights Day is a holiday meant to celebrate the joy of the holiday season by focusing on lights and decorations. What better way to celebrate this day than with a list of National Christmas Lights Day Activities? Our first activity idea is to create a gingerbread house from scratch. This is a great activity for those who have never attempted it before, as well as those who want to try their hand at something new.

  • National Christmas Lights Day is a holiday that reminds us all to take time for the people we love and to enjoy the magic of the season.
  • Why: It’s a day where we can really celebrate what makes this season so special.
  • When: Started in 2012.
  • Activities: A day full of family, friends, and memories.


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