National Consulting Day 2023 Activities, Celebration, History & Details

People from different countries are celebrating National Consulting Day. August 30th is celebrated every year on the big consulting Day. Today is August 30th, and Today is a big advice day. It first held in 1999. Also, It forms the referendum. It paves the way for Indonesia’s independence.

You’re searching the Day because you want to know more or you already know this Day and want to celebrate. Before starting the celebration, see the History of this Day. Then find out the best ways to celebrate National Consulting Day. Also, publish Status on social Media Website about this Day using Hashtag.

The National Consulting Day

On November 28th, 1978, Portugal declared independence for East Timor. Nine days later, and In 1976, East Timor declared a province in Indonesia. This Day commemorates the independence referendum held in East Timi. Not surprisingly, independence not contained in the future.

Indonesian President B J Habibi requested. Later, freedom held. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged Habibi for a referendum.

As a result of the referendum, more than 78% of people rejected Indonesia’s proposal for autonomy. It was later separated. This result is a significant cause of Indonesia. There is an outbreak of violence all over Indonesia. As a result, more than 1,400 people died.

The National Consulting Day 2023

The Indonesian government finally accepted the results in 1999. East Timor officially declares Indonesia’s repeal of the law. This modern-day celebrated worldwide. The colorful nationwide march marked by the military conducts various festivals. Overall, Various types of folk performances held on this Day.

These days there are multiple parades and processions. There are different types of events in schools. On that day, all kinds of government institutions declared closed. Everyone is pleased on this Day. Let us all celebrate this Day. So, I spread this Day all over the world by sharing more and more on social media.

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