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National Cousins Day was founded in Canada as a way of commemorating the country’s favourite sons: The Canadian Family Physician. These family doctors have given much to Canada and have become something of an ambassador for the country. What many people don’t know, however, is that their work does not just end there. They have also become something of a musical sage to many Canadians, and they have recorded some wonderful, poignant national and international music videos. Let us now take a look at some of National Cousins Day images.

The first video that I found that feature’s National Cousins Day imagery was made by Canadian director Mike De Luca. In it, he pays tribute to all those doctors who have made the nation proud. Luca begins the video with a touching speech about the many wonderful and lifelong relationships that have been forged between Canada and its doctors. He then launches into a montage of all the great events that Canadians have commemorated over the years, including the establishment of the National Medical Services Plan. The video closes with a clip of the newly-anointed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau listening to the first strains of the national anthem.

National Cousins Day Images

The second video on the list is actually a compilation of some of the very best Canadian videos of all time. The National Cousins Day video takes you inside the offices of the Canadian Family Physician, as he talks about the importance of building lifelong relationships. For those of you who doubt my ability to bring tears to your eyes, allow me to present to you the touching story of Martin Mcady. This accomplished senior from Thunder Bay, Ontario is known to most simply as the National Mogul. In his role as Canada’s National Mogul, he raises awareness and funds for cancer research, while at the same time enjoying his passion and vocation.

Cousins day Pic 2
Cousins day Pic
Cousins Day
Cousins Day

Another great video features the early work of Canadian poet and activist W.B. Yeats, who is recognized for his work with the Canadian Indian Movement. A look at his remarkable life and works will surely bring a smile to every July devotee’s face, as well as to the nation’s leaders who wish to celebrate National Cousins Day.

National Cousins Day Picture

One of the most touching video features actors Michael Buble and Neil Young. The two celebrities are greeted by their own National Cousins Day wishes, and they then take part in a fun trivia game in which they attempt to answer questions about their heritage. The game includes numerous classic questions, like “What did the first settlers in Nova Scotia eat?” and “Who made Canada’s national flower, the yellow Rose?” The happy cousins then show their love and gratitude for the country with a heart-felt rendition of Canada’s national hymn, “O Canada!

International cousins Day

National Cousins Day Photos

Hopefully, the video clips of our National Cousins Day activities will help bring more people into awareness of this special event. As social media outlets continue to grow, this happy occasion will continue to grow in recognition among nations and cultures. While it may not be as popular as Canada’s biggest national holidays, National Cousins Day is still a worthy celebration that should be enjoyed by all. And with video clips, music, and images, it is sure to become even more popular.

Cousins day Pic


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