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National Cousins Day is one of the most popular events commemorating someone we love. On this day, children are encouraged to express their love and support for their parents by presenting them with a traditional, hand-made card, stuffed toy or colorful banner. A child can even make a special card for their parents featuring a photo of their parents and their family; a classic photo that has touched millions. The National Cousins Day is an ideal way to demonstrate your loved ones how much you care and extend your warmest gratitude.

In the coming years, National Cousins Day is likely to change as traditions evolve. For instance, in the coming year, many American children will celebrate National Cousins Day instead of National Family Week. For now, though, National Cousins Day falls on the fourth Thursday of July each year. It’s celebrated on this day when people recognize the lifelong relationships that develop between cousins, usually as young as babies and often last a lifetime. Many parents plan National Cousins Day activities around an activity or game that helps children learn more about their family members and how they became who they are today.

National Cousins Day Wishes

The tradition of National Cousins Day was started in the middle of World War I when newspaper advertisements began appearing to offer a half day of “pleasure” for those who could present their mother or father with a rose. Since then, people have been showing their affection for their parents by presenting them with colorful orchids or cards with traditional sayings on them. Today, we celebrate National Cousins Day as a way to celebrate the lifelong relationships between people. What are the best sayings to include on a card? Here are some ideas:

Some National Cousins Day quotes include: “This time next year, be here to look at your heritage. Send your mother and/or father a card saying that you are proud of them and wish them joy. On this day, join others in celebrating the relationship between your ancestors and their descendants. Your love and thoughtfulness will make this day memorable.”

  1. “With a cousin like you, I have not just got a brother; I have also found a wonderful friend…. Thanks for being there for me always…. Wishing you a very Happy National Cousin Day.”
  2. “You are truly a blessing to me as you are the reason I could manage to get all the permissions to hang out and have a gala time…. Happy National Cousin Day to the most special cousin.”
  3. “You are indeed the source of all the happiness in my life and the reason that I have such wonderful memories of our childhood…. Thanks for making it special… Happy National Cousin Day.”

National Cousins Day Message

Another good selection for a National Cousins Day quote is one that reads: “On this day, the percentage of DNA shared by our nearest and dearest family members is revealed. It’s amazing how fast that number changes with every generation. It used to be that all of our ancestors were related but not any more. If we trace our roots back further, we find ourselves more closely related to our distant cousins.” While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where that percentage begins or ends, it’s a safe bet that the majority of people will share at least a portion of it.

  1. “Growing up with you has been the best thing to happen…. Sharing every happy and sad moment has been a blessing…. Happy Cousin’s Day to you.”
  2. “Though we fight, we argue but we also party, we love and we share the eternal bond of togetherness and affection…. Warm wishes on Cousin’s Day.”

National Cousins Day Message Quotes

When selecting a card for National Cousins Day, make sure it is personalized using a date-appropriate phrase, as well as containing the percentage of DNA shared by both parents. You’ll have family to thank for another great year, and countless picnic outings with the ones you love. Now you can get out and enjoy the day in your new backyard, with your family. Celebrating National Cousins Day is about celebrating the special bond between family and relatives.

  • With cousins around, you know you are with the best of the people. Warm wishes on Cousins Day to my people.”
  • “There are so many good memories that we have together that make this life worthy. Happy Cousins Day to my amazing cousins.”
  • “What fun is celebrating Cousins Day without your cousins. I really wish we could come together to create some more memories together.”


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