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The National Egg Day festival is celebrated on the second Saturday of May every year. In olden days, farmers would set out with a hoe and milk to collect hens that were available for laying eggs. Farmers would then cook the eggs on the fire and after a period of time they would rush to market place to sell the eggs. This was a great way for them to make money by selling the eggs without having to care for the birds. Farmers would also use the gathered eggs to make hasty meals that they can sell to earn money.

Nowadays, the National Egg Day is celebrated much earlier in Australia and is celebrated with much of fanfare and pomp and show. The excitement and thrill of collecting eggs on National Egg Day can be experienced with a little planning and preparation. The National Egg Day celebrations can be organised at any venue that holds a theme related to the National Egg Day. If you are thinking of holding an event on National Egg Day, here are some of the ideas that can be considered.

The National Egg Day celebration requires preparation in the form of decorations and activities. Before you start your project, you should decide whether your eggs will be used for hatching or for making chicken eggs for cooking. You should also have a list of ingredients that you will need. When you plan your budget, you should consider the cost of raw ingredients as well as the cost of commercially purchased eggs. Once you have all the necessary items ready, the other details like the date, venue and volunteers will come in order.

To make the National Egg Day more colourful and unique, it would be a good idea to use recipes that are based on the national holiday. This way, your guests will have something to be excited about even before they reach the venue. There are many National Egg Day recipes that can be prepared by you or your family members. In this way, you can give a unique touch to the National Egg Day.

Happy World Egg Day Greeting Messages, Wishes, Quotes

1. When you have egg in your breakfast plate, you know that your day is going to be an awesome one….. Wishing you healthy meals with lots of eggs on National Egg Day 2020.

2. Let us celebrate World Egg Day by enjoying the amazing dishes cooked using egg to make it the happiest day of the year…. Tasty eggs make every soul happy and every stomach healthy…. Happy National Egg Day 2020.

3. World Egg Day is a sweet reminder to each one of us to make sure that we eat eggs in our breakfasts to live healthy and live happy…… Sending you best wishes on World Egg Day.

4. World Egg Day celebrates the love for eggs and let us make it a memorable day by enjoying eggs in different forms and dishes for a healthy celebration…. Make it a eggilicous day!!!

5. When you talk about good health and wholesome diet, you are actually referring to eggs because they truly make a complete and rich diet for each one of us…. Happy World Egg Day.

6. They make the quickest, tastiest and the healthiest breakfast….. They are the cute little eggs that we all love….. Sending my warm wishes to you on World Egg Day.

7. They are the reason for the fluffy cakes….. they make the most delicious breakfast…. They make the rich protein diet….. On World Egg Day, lets cheer with EGGS!!!

8. On World Egg Day, we celebrate the goodness that eggs bring into our lives and the happiness they spread on our faces with their superb taste….. Happy World Egg Day.

9. The best thing about eggs is that you can cook them the way you want it and experiment with them to create dishes that promise a wholesome meal…. Best wishes on World Egg Day.

While you are preparing food at the National Egg Day party, it would be a good idea to learn a few National Egg Day facts. If you are aware of the facts and the tradition behind National Egg Day, you will know what decorations you need to buy and how to cook the eggs. Knowing National Egg Day facts will also help you organise your event and make it successful. On National Egg Day, eggs are decorated with ribbons and banners declaring that they are free from eggs.

For those who do not celebrate National Egg Day, there are many events around the world that you can attend. Many companies also organise egg hunts for those people who love eggs. If you are organising a small family gathering or a lunch for your office employees, you should plan the event well in advance and have National Egg Day party games to keep the whole party alive and interesting.

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