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It is indeed National Hugging Day, the second Monday of January. The day marks the day when two people, be it friends or family members get together to give affection and support to each other. They do so by smooshing each other’s faces, hugging each other, kissing each other and giving each other silly high-fives. This goes on for a whole day and is celebrated with great gusto in most parts of the world. It has also been associated with a wide range of festive occasions. One can celebrate National Hugging Day either on a Sunday or a Friday so that it coincides with a religious festival.

On National Hugging Day, people wear funny looking stuff on their faces. Some even go as far as decorating their faces with stickers and make-up to resemble those loving expressions on the cheeks of friends and relatives. This can range from fake wrinkles, bluish skin and thick lips to unnatural colors like red and black. A lot of women go to great lengths to look alluring in front of others by sporting lipstick, applying false eyelashes and making use of eye shadows much differently than they usually do. Boys, on the other hand, go for bright colors and oversized fonts to make themselves look attractive.

A lot of young people love to sport National Hugging Day hairstyles. They sport dreadlocks, they cut their hair very short, dye their hair different colors and even put make-up on their faces to look as if they are ready to embrace somebody. The National Hugging Day Quotes section on this site contains a whole list of funny hairstyle pictures for you to check out.

There is also a quiz on this site that asks readers to come up with a definition of National Hugging Day. The question is whether hugs are really meant to be shared between lovers or between two friends. The quiz also poses a question about what will be the best time for the public to celebrate National Hugging Day. It has been almost nine decades since this event was first conceptualized. Is it still on?

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If you want to celebrate National Hugging Day on January 10th, you can join in a lot of events that are organized around this date. One of these is the annual Urban History Museum march where marchers wear white shirts bearing the logo of the National Hugging Day Party. You could also attend a seminar organized by National Hugging Day Party to celebrate the event. You can also find posters and wall hangings at local bookstores and walls displaying information about the event. There are also National Hugging Day T-shirts available in electronic shops selling these items.

There are a lot of people who will attend the celebrations on this day. You can also join many groups on the Internet where people from different cities are meeting online to share their experiences. You could also use the #National HuggingDay 2021 on your Twitter profile to let your followers know what the date is. There are several events that are organized around this date in various cities. You should take note that there might be people who try to disrupt the peaceful gathering. If you have children along, make sure they remain home, out of harm’s way.