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So, when is National Moonshine Day doomed to inevitable demise? What will we do as citizens of our nation when we lose this popular holiday? On This Day, we celebrate the growth and abundance that the United States has enjoyed through the ages. This rich history, full of great pioneers and heroic sacrifices, must not be allowed to wither and die. It has been thanks to the tireless efforts of ordinary people over time that we have managed to emerge as the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

A celebration celebrating National Moonshine Day should begin with a little history. On this day, back in 1919, President Woodrow Wilson designated the first Sunday in May as National Moonshine Day. On that day, every citizen of the United States was required by law to drink alcohol free glass of white wine or cider with hot Kentucky ale (known at that time as whiskey). Although the idea of nationalizing the manufacture of moonshine was shot down by prohibitionists at the time, the day was celebrated with great gusto by millions of Americans.

Today, National Moonshine Day is just one of many commemorations of the country’s rich history. CIDER (Cider, Gin, Etch, Tincture of Malt) are considered the national drink of United States. Although the name sounds foreign, don’t be surprised to find that nearly half of all American drinkers of alcoholic beverages consider Cider a form of spirits. Many people also enjoy a nice tall glass of mountain dew on National Moonshine Day.

There are many other reasons to celebrate National Moonshine Day. There is also the symbolism behind National Moonshine Day. On that day, since prohibition has ended, people have begun celebrating and enjoying their favorite alcoholic beverages – and their favorite types of liquor. Many moonshine makers pride themselves on producing a superior product and many have named their brands after the cities where they are located. If you are thinking about buying spirits bottle to celebrate National Moonshine Day, there are a few things you should know. One is that although the name may be a misnomer, white lightning does not come from drinking whiskey on National Moonshine Day.

Some of the most famous distilleries in America also own and operate some of the most popular bars and restaurants in America. For example, The Jack Daniel’s distillery in downtown Nashville is host to a variety of events. On National Moonshine Day, guests are encouraged to taste the whiskey that is made from maple syrup and white distilled water. Another notable Nashville distilleries, Jack Daniel’s, also operates two hotels. At both of these locations, guests can celebrate National Moonshine Day with a meal at one of their restaurants. Some bars and restaurants also serve food and drinks to guests.

While many of the larger distilleries make and sell moonshine on National Moonshine Day, small craft distilleries are another way that Americans celebrate the day. Smaller distilleries make and sell their own brands of whiskeys, liqueurs and distilled beverages like beer and spirits. Smaller distilleries like Old Mill Distilling in Lawrenceburg, Virginia make award-winning scotch. The distilled beverage is often mixed with a variety of different ingredients to create unique “scotch swirls”. National Moonshine Day is not the only time when small distilleries celebrate; many small craft distilleries host their own festivals and competitions throughout the year to promote growth and development within the industry.


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