National No Bra Day 2021 Theme, Status, Activities, Celebration, Quotes, Slogan

October 1st is National No Bra Day 2021. It is also called: “The moment we get home from work.” Although today is not just a matter of consolation. Breast Cancer Awareness is National Bra Day in the middle of the month when women (and men) learn about breast health. It helps to remind people that breast cancer is a potentially deadly disease, but one of the most preventable forms of cancer. National No Bra Day is about learning to recognize early warning signs and get an edge in the fight against cancer.

The origins of National No Bra Day are unclear, the event has been running since at least 2011, with messages to raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer screening, recognition of breast cancer symptoms, and regular self-examination in the fight against breast cancer, October 13 encouraging women to leave their bras at home.

National No Bra Day Images
National No Bra Day Images

When is National No Bra Day 2021?

Although a controversial event in the eyes of some, a further goal of National No Bra Day is to raise awareness about breast cancer in October. By using the hashtag #nobraday on social media and encouraging women to stay awake for 24 hours on October 1, the goal of National No Bra Day is to raise awareness of the importance of knowing how to self-examine breast cancer, acknowledge the symptoms of breast cancer and encourage women to participate in regular breast cancer screenings.

2021October 13Wednesday
2022October 13Thursday
2023October 13Friday
2024October 13Sunday
2025October 13Monday

National No Bra Day 2021 Theme & Slogan

The Theme and Slogan of National No Bra Day aren’t announced yet. The Authority will announce the Slogan & Theme early on 13th October. Just stay connected with us and then get the Theme to share on Social Media with the Hashtag. Especially, use hashtags on Twitter to Reach the World about this Day. Most of the people still don’t know about this Day.

National No Bra Day Image

Quotes about No Bra Day Celebration

” People think I’m trying to make a fashion statement because I never was a bra. It’s really because i’m a tomboy at heart” —- Cameron Diaz

“I Never Leave my house. Then I don’t have to put a bra on and I don’t have to change my pants” — Jennifer Lawrence, Actress.

“I Was the first woman to burn my bra. It took the fire department four days to put it out” — Dolly Parton, Singer

National No Bra Day Status, Meme, Images, Facts & Text

  • Let’s defeat cancer together #NoBraDay
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, early detection however remains the cornerstone of its control. All women of reproductive age are therefore encouraged to perform breast self-exams at least once a month.
  • #NoBraDay A day for Breast Cancer awareness and not one to showcase your boobs, let’s endeavor not to sexualize it and just see for what it is.

National No Bra Day Wishes

Many people want to wish on every celebration. So, you can wish your Female Friends on 13th October about National No Bra Day. Maybe she will be informed this Day first from you and prepare herself to celebrate this important day.

  • Our scars are like a road map, each tells a story of the battles we fought and how strong we are for coming out of it.
  • #NoBraDay is for cancer awareness for women, stay safe, and go for a regular checkups, girls don’t come here and post rubbish for people to view your stupidity.
  • #NoBraDay is about self-awareness to examine your breast. Check yourself now, breast cancer is a respecter of NOBODY
  • Happy #NoBraDay. Let us encourage breast cancer awareness


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