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National Postal Worker Day is marked across the world on July 1st to celebrate the hard work of many people across the world who send out letters every day. It is a day designated by the US Postal Service to generate awareness about the vital roles of postal workers in society and honor them for what they do in maintaining the timely service of postal mail. As you read every passing minute, millions of pieces of mail are sent out from the Post Office to people all over the country. They carry important pieces of information, like an announcement about an upcoming event, a bill waiting for your signature, or a new product. Some are signed up for overnight express service, and others simply carry news and details of certain activities happening within your city or state.

The day was started in Depression-era America, when male drivers and mail carriers went on strike in order to receive the raise that was being given to them by the post office. Newspaper publishers had organized for their own employees to go on strike the next day in order to get the same raises that were being given to postal workers the day before. This action brought more attention to the strike, which in turn led to further raise of the standards of living for many Americans. National Postal Worker Day has now become one of the most popular causes being celebrated around the world.

National Postal Worker Day Messages, Wishes

Warm wishes on National Postal Worker Day to all the postal workers out there. We thank you for working so hard to bring us our mails.

“Postal workers dedicate their lives to helping people. Dedicate this day to honor and respect them” Best wishes to you on this occasion of World Post Day

When I was a child, a postman would always bring so much happiness to me as he would bring a mail along. Happy National Postal Worker Day.

On the occasion of National Postal Worker Day, I want to thank you for working with utmost dedication and commitment to deliver our mails.

Happy National Postal Worker Day to all the postal workers who have worked on the hottest and coldest days to do their jobs.

It is not easy to be a postal worker as you have work in all the seasons with the same enthusiasm. Happy National Postal Worker Day.

In Canada, also a holiday is observed on the first weekend in July. In Canada, the public holiday in July is known as Armistice Day. It is celebrated across much of the western hemisphere, with the exception of New Brunswick (which has a separate government), Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta (which is the only province that has not established its own holiday celebration). A day like National Postal Worker Day, which highlights the importance of public service and the work of American postal employees, has worldwide resonance.

National Postal Workers Day quotes, Greetings

“Postal services play a great role in the daily life of every human being by making a high level of access to digital communication” Honor them. Wish you a very happy World Post Day

Warm wishes on National Postal Worker Day to all the postal workers who brought us happiness and smiles with each mail they delivered.

The job to stay under the sun, delivering letters from one door to another is not easy. We thank you for all the hard work you put in. Happy National Postal Worker Day.

To all the postal workers out there, we wish you a very Happy National Postal Worker Day. And we also thank you for doing your job so well.

I would always look forward to postman because he would always get a letter of the people I love. Happy National Postal Worker Day to all the postal workers.

The American postal workers have a strong union, CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant Union. The CNA unions are very strong in the United States. They work to help their members enjoy decent working conditions, good wages and secure employment. National Postal Worker Day encourages us all to take care of our postal workers, which are working diligently to serve us. They deserve our support and patience.

The National Postal Worker’s Day is also a time when we should think of those who are out of work, as well as the families of those who have lost the ability to earn a living due to a job layoff. Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States are laid off their jobs every day. Some people do not find another job because of the loss of their job. Others give up because they have been unable to pay their bills. Still others need to adjust to a lower pay scale or they need time to recover from an injury sustained while at work. We can all join together on this one day of the year to let the workers know that we appreciate their efforts and their contributions to society.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) started operating on July 4th, 1863. This particular date is known as “Postmaster General’s Day”. In honor of this very important date the USPS has designated six days throughout the year as National Postal Workers Day. It is important for all postal workers nationwide to take part in this program. On this day, postal workers can show their appreciation for those who make their jobs much more difficult by going out of their way to deliver packages on time, by staying late, by working extra shifts or by other efforts that would otherwise cost them their pay.

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