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The National Rotisserie Chicken Day was founded in 2021 as a way for people across the nation to have fun and participate in a tradition that started with many individuals in their own kitchens. Individuals that love chicken will gather on the day to partake in chicken cooking competitions and enjoy a fun afternoon. The competition is not for the best looking chicken, but it is more for having the best tasting chicken. The event originated from a small chicken farm in upstate New York. The owners wanted something to do with their chickens other than roasting them, so they started the National Rotisserie Chicken Day Celebration.

The National Rotisserie Chicken Day Celebration is celebrated every year on the second weekend in June. Rotisserie chicken is similar to traditional fried chicken. It is created by constantly roasting whole chicken in a large rotisserie grill. The spinning motion evens out the other parts of the chicken making the dish a delicious meal. The birds get their meal cooked quickly and the owners can enjoy the freshly cooked fried chicken right off the grill.

During the event, there are several different events that will allow the guests to experience the different parts of the bird. The masters of the kitchen will be ready to teach people how to cook the whole chicken. They will give tips on brushing the skin, preparing the grill, removing the wings, cleaning the grilling, and much more. People will have a chance to try their hand at roasting a chicken using the brushes and spoons, as well as using the rotisserie chicken themselves. The event is sure to be a success as these professionals show people just how easy and delicious it is to cook a full meal using this method.

The next chicken day celebration is also on Saturday, the second weekend in June. This time the event is being hosted by the American Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This group works with local veterinarians and animal rescue groups to offer free information to raise awareness about cruelty to animals. People will be able to learn tips on how to cook the bird, baking the chicken, and grilling the whole thing.

In addition to the two events above, there will also be a competition for the best rotisserie chicken dish as well. Each event will be judged by a panel of professional chefs who will award a National Rotisserie Chicken Day prize to the best chicken dish each day. The first National Rotisserie Chicken Day was in 1990 and since then there have been over forty competitions. There are many websites that feature all of the latest chicken dish cooking competitions and all you have to do is search for “rotisserie chicken” or “chicken day”. The winner of the National Rotisserie Chicken Day competition will receive a $100 gift certificate.

You can pick up a National Rotisserie Chicken Day recipe book along with the coupons and other information found at a local department store. Most stores that carry this merchandise also carry a sizzling hot rotisserie grill. Some supermarkets carry both, while others only carry one. If you have your own grill, you may want to pick up some chicken tenders to help you cook the rotisserie steak on it. The tenders will let you cook the whole chicken in its natural juices that you can use on the other foods that you are planning to grill with your chicken.

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