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Naznin Hasan Chumki or Naznin Shakur is an actress from India. She has appeared in some of the biggest films of India like Baahubali, Jodha Akbar, Mankatha, Apne, Baahubali 2, Dilba… She has also appeared in some Hollywood films such as Mystic River, The Pursuit of Happyness and Now You See It… Naznin was born in Bangladesh and is one half of a famous family. Naznin’s younger brother is named Usman.

BIRTH PLACEChuadanga , Khulna
AGE (in 2021)N/A

Naznin Hasan Chumki as an actress/filmmaker began with an impressive stint in the television show ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’. The show, which was aired on Al-Jazira TV channel was a fusion of fiction and reality and was extremely popular amongst the viewers. The show was a joint production of Channel 4 and E.T.C studios. Naznin was one of the main characters and was a fan favorite among the audience.

Naznin joined the show to play the role of Mehedi Hasan. She was a popular character because Mehedi had an uncanny ability to catch eyes and was quite a skilled shot when it came to throwing the ball. Mehedi was a secret agent of the Golcukta and he was always seen wearing an eye patch similar to that worn by terrorists during the war. Naznin had a scene in one of the episodes and was seen carrying a weapon in both her hands. Her name is frequently mentioned in all the eid-ul-fitr shows aired after the partition which is how she became known to the world.

Naznin’s talent was captured by the film director, who chose her to be one of the main characters in the movie called’Naznin Hasan Chumki’. She played the role of a glamorous, smart and sexy shootheart who was a prominent character in the film. The director saw Naznin’s talent and decided to use her to play Mehedi Hasni’s character in the movie ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’.

Naznin went on to play a major role in’Naznin Hasan Chumki’ in which she plays Mehedi Hasni, a top secret agent of the Golcukta. Naznin was not given much of a background of her own in the TV film as the director did not show much effort into explaining who she was and what happened during her marriage. We just knew that she was married to a man who was a general in the Golcukta and had a daughter with her. Naznin was an extraordinary and bold woman who chose to stay single till she was thirty years old. However, in the end episode of’Naznin Hasan Chumki’ the director shows some of her traits which made the viewers to cheer for Naznin when she was captured by the M.D. In this TV film, Naznin was seen to be ruthless in her jobs even though she was married.

Naznin had a tough time in jail after being caught in the act of strangling a person to death. However, in the eid special tv film, we saw that Naznin had transformed into a kind hearted woman after her marriage. Later in the same episode, Naznin had saved the life of her husband by shooting at the guards outside the prison and escaping from the jail. Since then, we know that Naznin has been given a hero’s role in many incidents. Recently, in one of the telecast of the is special, Fareed Al mashal, Naznin was seen to be playing the role of a pregnant woman in order to save her husband’s life.

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