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Nena Guzman Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography

Nena Guzman real name Nena Guzman was born in Mexico. Nena Guzman was raised by her grandparents who are immigrants from Cuba. Nena Guzman was named Nena Maria. Nena Guzman was studying medical sciences when she met and later married Jose P. Salinas. Nena Guzman has two children, Jose and Nena Salinas, with whom she always works.

Nena Guzman was a member of the founding band called “Papertura”, which became popular throughout Mexico and the world as a musical group. Nena Guzman started as the bassist and then later on left the group to concentrate more on her singing. Nena Guzman has been a member of various groups such as “Kinky Afro-Cuban Love” and “Cali 2” (with Carlos Santana). Nena Guzman has a net worth of approximately $1.2m.

Nena Guzman has several similarities with many Latin American famous personalities. Nena Guzman was born at an early age, around 23 months. Nena Guzman also has very good facial features, and dark hair. Nena Guzman was born at a place called Torreon. The town of Torreon is located on the Gulf of Mexico near Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Nena Guzman has her birth certificate, social security card, Nena Guzman pictures and some other information about Nena Guzman’s early life, which is still ongoing. Nena Guzman was famous for her love for music, movies and social media. Nena Guzman has a large social media network, which is still active and growing by the day.

Nena Guzman became famous because of her love for music and for being part of a popular music group in her early life. Her great passion for music came from her home town of Ortiz-Paz in Mexico. Ortiz-Paz is a resort town on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Nena Guzman’s parents were lawyers.

Nena Guzman’s first love was music. Nena Guzman’s early life and background are quite interesting. Nena Guzman’s net worth has risen over the years. Nena Guzman’s name remains in the limelight amongst locals and expatriates in Mexico.

Nena Guzman is famous for her roles in the movies, and her music. Nena Guzman is also well known for being a famous celebrity singer. Nena Guzman is one of the most popular Spanish actresses of all times. Nena Guzman was born in Los Angeles, California. Nena Guzman’s best known role to date is that of Elmo in the Disney Channel’s “Dora the Explorer”.



Bio / Wiki
Full Name Nena Guzman
Occupation Singer
Age 30
Date of Birth November 28, 1990
Place of Birth Mexico
Star Sign Sagittarius
Country Mexico
Gender Female


Birth date 28-Nov
Day of Birth Wednesday
Year of Birth 1990
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Birth Sign Duality Assertive
Birth Sign Modality & Element Mutable Fire
Opposite Sign Gemini

Nena Guzman has four different albums to her credit. Nena Guzman is a popular and well loved celebrity singer/actress. Nena Guzman was born in Mexica, Mexico. Nena Guzman’s full name is Nena Guzman de Leon. Nena Guzman’s first album “Te Declaro La Iniciativa” was released in 2023.

Nena Guzman’s second album “Te Declaro La Iniciativa” was released in 2023. Nena Guzman’s first album “Te Declaro La Iniciativa” featured artists such as Paco Pena, Jose Montoya, Gerardo Torrin and Yo-Yo Ma. Nena Guzman’s debut album was a huge commercial success and achieved first place on the Mexican charts. Nena Guzman’s first US charting single “Te Reflejo” was also a big hit. Nena Guzman returned to the Mexican charts with “Paparazzi” which was another huge hit. Nena Guzman’s next album “Te Declaro” was released in the United States and was again a massive hit.


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