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Nia Daniati Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Nia Aliati is an Indonesian actress and singer. She has become well known for her sexy looks and has appeared in a number of Indonesian movies made by local production houses. Her first major role was in the movie “Carung Batur”. She has gone on to receive several honors for her acting abilities.

Aliati’s bio on the net reveals that she is of Mediterranean descent. A native of Jakarta, Indonesia, Nia Aliati grew up in a humble family in Java, Indonesia. Nia has appeared in a number of films made in both Indonesia and Hollywood. She is also known for her physique and for being tall and slim.

A biography on the net reveals that Nia got her start in the entertainment industry while still in high school. She performed at the high school talent show as a teenager and impressed many of her classmates with her unique singing style. Later on in college, she went on to study acting in the United States, in New York City. She then went on to study acting in London, England, for a brief period of time. It was while studying in London that Nia doddini’s career really began to take off.

Nia daniati is currently performing on tour across the globe. Her biography on the net reveals that she is now pursuing a career in modeling in Asia and has also decided that she would like to pursue a career in music. It is interesting to note that Nia daniati’s net worth is almost entirely derived from her modeling work and her appearances in different shows and movies. It is not clear whether or not she is receiving residual income from any of the work she does.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Nia Daniati
Occupation Singer
Age 57
Date of Birth April 17, 1964
Place of Birth Jakarta, Indonesia
Star Sign Aries
Country Indonesia
Gender Female

Nia Daniati has released nearly a dozen more studio albums since then, including the popular world music and Asian pop fusion “Lover of Mine.”

The world-famous singer who enjoyed fame throughout the 1980s and 1990s after becoming known for the hit song “Blue Moon of Kentucky” has released virtually a dozen more studio albums since then. She has also released numerous books of poetry and song lyrics, a documentary about her life, and an autobiography. Nia daniati was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and was named Sukhar Allah. She is a proud Indonesian and was named by the Indonesian newspaper as one of the “most beautiful women of all time.”

Nia Daniati’s current appearance is well documented in the pictures that are widely distributed on the Internet and in fashion magazines. Her height is approximately three feet, eight inches tall, and she has brown hair, brown eyes, and a slim build. Nia Daniati has consistently stated that her weight varies between seventy and eighty pounds, but some sources indicate that her exact weight is actually seventy-two pounds. Her clothing size is generally small, which helps to explain why she often appears uncomfortable while wearing some of her larger clothes. Nia Daniati’s weight fluctuates because she has used the weight loss shakes as a way of losing extra weight, without gaining it back.

When one looks at the information contained in the public records regarding Nia Daniati, one can begin to determine a great deal about her life and achievements. Nia was born in Flores, Indonesia and is said to have been an educated woman before the birth of her son. After her husband left, she had to work long hours to send money back to her family. In one month she had managed to send all of her meager assets back to her family. Her biofeedback reveals that Nia enjoys writing, and that she earned a degree in physics at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. It is possible that this may be the woman who provided the biofeedback data on the Net in order to help raise funds for her son.


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