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Nina Dobrev Full Biography, Net Worth, Family, Career & Personal Info

Nina Dobrev is a Russian-American actor, singer, and dancer best known for her performances on Broadway and in movies. Born in Moscow, Russia she is now a Canadian citizen. She graduated from the prestigious Russian State University of Fine Arts and went on to study acting in New York City. After studying in New York, Nina Dobrev moved to Los Angeles where she starred in such films as Manhattan Romance, Swing Money, Big Mama, Blowin’ In The Wind, Billie Jean, Scarface, and Who’s That Lady. Now she has returned to Russia to star as a leading character in a new movie called Anna Pasternak in the Russian film Ostland.

Height5 ft 6½ in
Weight59 kg
Date of BirthJanuary 9, 1989
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Eye ColorDark Brown

Nina Dobrev’s most notable feature films include her Broadway appearances in Rent, On the Roof, And He Loves Me, Come As You Are, and What’s That Song. In addition to her Broadway appearances, Nina Dobrev has appeared in various other well-known films including Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Crazy Heart, Everybody Loves Raymond, and A Few Good Men. Most of her acting skills have been showcased on television in such popular shows as Do No Evil, ER, Housefull, Frasier, Growing up Gotti, and Here, There, He’s Having His Fun, The X-Files, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Frasier.

Nina Dobrev’s net worth can be derived from a few different sources. First, as an actress and singer, her pay usually reflects a percentage of the gross sales of her album. Second, in addition to acting, she has produced, performed, and written several successful albums of her own. Her credits also span other popular musical performers like Avril Lavigne, Phil Collins, Boyz II Men, Janet Jackson, and Madonna.

So, based on our calculations, it appears that Nina Dobrev is enjoying a higher level of financial security compared to many other female actresses in 2021. Additionally, compared to some of her past film roles, her current roles are better paying roles, at least on paper. These factors do not necessarily mean that Nina Net Worth is going to continue to grow in the future.

However, if we look at some of the bigger films directed by Derek Hough, we can see a promising career ahead for Nina. For example, Derek Hough co-directed the upcoming film Invictus, which is a World War II story focusing on a military unit. In the film, Nina Dobrev plays a nurse, whose character is assigned to the unit. The film is expected to star Dabney Coleman, Alexander Flores, and Jake McDorman. In the novel Invictus, Hough wrote that the nurse was supposed to be an undercover operation which was meant to provide medical care for German soldiers during World War II. This could very well be the first role that Nina Dobrev will have in a major film franchise.

Based on the information we have gleaned, it appears as though Nina Dobrev is set to have more screen time in the future. She also recently became involved in the highly-awaited female-led action thriller titled The Equalizer. If Nina Dobrev can stay on top of her career, there is no telling what type of role she will have in the years to come. She could easily end up being in the same place as such heavy-hitters as Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, or Anne Hathaway, who each have two to three movies each scheduled in the next few years.

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